Today the reveille woke up the young ladies, as well as a lovely rain shower. This rain continued on and off throughout the day, which made pictures and activities more challenging. But no fear! We still had a ton of fun today!

Yummy and warm french toast was how we started, and man do those girls love some syrup. Then, since the rain was still gracing us with its presence, all the tribes separated into their teams and they played TRIBAL TRIVIA! Lots of debates and scribbling of answers to be delivered!

Lunch today was the ever famous taco in a bag! This lead into a lovely hour long rest hour. Then off to Tray Po the girls ran! The sun showed itself temporarily while the girls munched on their treats. The snacks were consumed with glee which provided great energy for battleball in the Mike.

And after dinner there are skits being performed as well as a new game that has yet to be announced! Can’t wait to find out what it is! Stay tuned for tommorrow!

Happy Camping,

Lauren Geerken

Proud Seminole