Today was another fantastic day here at Camp Merri-Mac. The girls awoke and did their chores, and then they headed down to breakfast to eat cinnamon bread and fruit. They then headed to chapel where director Adam Boyd shared a special message that reminded us all that we cannot be filled unless we are filled by the God who made us. His message also reminded us to be present where we are. The girls then headed to have some free time around camp. Some of the girls, at this point in the day, decided to use their time to work on their bars in tennis.

After free time, the girls headed to their first activity. After that, they headed to their second before filling their tummies at lunch with fried chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans, roles, and apple pie for dessert. After lunch the girls had some rest time and some cabins voted for honor camper. They then ran to trading post for some candy, where the CITs encouraged them to buy Fig Bars (the CITs decided throughout the day today that they would chant “Fig Bars” at random in order to encourage this purchase at trading post). The girls then had a little bit more free time and later went to their second two activities (third and fourth).

During activities today a lot of excitement happened. Backpacking went to try out the lower ropes course; the girls in puppy camp got to take the dogs for walks and teach them to sit with a treat; the basketball girls did some defensive practice and worked on bars;  the kayakers did some rolls in the lake; some of the girls in diving did fantastic dives taught by the one and only Olvey; the soccer girls scrimmaged each other; and a lot of safety talks occurred for our new campers. Overall, the activities that filled the day were fantastic.

After activities, Merri-Mac campers headed to change into their whites and staff members headed to change into their staff attire, so they could have them on for a camp-wide picture, which takes place every session. After the picture, the girls headed back to their cabins to change into the color they were assigned for color wars. They then headed to the weekly cookout that takes place on Sundays. The girls are now competing against each other and staff members to win American Color Wars so that they may not have to do their chores tomorrow; However, if the staff wins the girls still must do their chores, and the staff will receive cheerwine. It is on.

We hope all is going well with you, families, back at home or wherever you may be.

Counselor Caitlin