Camp is my favorite place to be. The Blue Ridge Mountains that surround Merri-Mac provide incredible comfort and adventure. The sun peaks over the ridge each morning and I am immediately filled with joy at the prospect of the day ahead. Today was no exception. Today marked the first day of camp for many girls here, it began with singing and syrup and pancakes in the Tucker Inn. After breakfast, everyone followed the winding path past the barn, up and above the lake to the Chapel. We all joined in song and fellowship and heard from Director Adam Boyd a message about God’s character and heart towards us all.

Flowing from Chapel with joy in their hearts, the girls headed to the tribe meetings where they learned new songs and forged new friendships. After a few minutes of free time, waiting in anticipation for the day ahead, activities finally began. In backpacking, everyone learned about the principles of leaving no trace when camping. Over at the barn, girls began cantering and jumping their horses. Up at Lake Doris, campers learned the different parts of the canoe paddle and boat, began canoeing, got in kayaks, and worked on rolls, dives, and strokes. There were lots of smiles and splashes at the dock today.

At the traverse wall, campers began working on their bars and learning to anchor knots. Mountain biking class got on their bikes for the first time and raced one another back and forth across Spencer’s green. Sweet guitar chords echoed across Sr. Hill from Little Dipper porch as guitar class strummed and plucked away. Trading post is always a highlight of the day for everyone. Right after rest hour everyone bounded down the hill with the sweet prospect of candy on the horizon. The hour following was full of sweet conversation and sweet treats. The day wrapped up with a spirited game of sock war, we all are eagerly anticipating to hear which tribe won tomorrow!

Davie Boone

Proud Seminole

SunnySide Counselor