As the bugle sounded at 7 a.m. sharp, the beautiful Merri-Mac girls awoke to their second full day of camp! Chores were done and teeth were brushed, and we headed off to Tucker Inn for breakfast-a delicious combo of french toast and bacon! The Sunnysiders led camp in the morning songs, including “The Chicken Song” and “Sippin’ Cider.” After songs, Evening Activity director, Elizabeth O. announced the results from last night’s Sock War, and the winner was…Choctaw!! After an explosion of cheers from the red and grey, the crowd quieted for the announcement of spirit points, which went to…Choctaw again!! The Choctaw tribe did dominate Sock War, but it’s still early to set sights on a banner winner, we’ll just have to wait and see what this session will hold! Announced next was tonight’s evening activity, Apache Race! This awesome tribal event is a relay race across camp, where girls participate in activities ranging from drawing hieroglyphics to shooting balloons with a bow and arrow in archery.

After announcements, we traveled up the road to Chapel for morning worship. The girls’ voices were heard through the mountains as they sang praises through a country rendition of “Let my Light Shine Bright,” an a cappella round of “Father, I Adore You,” and the ever-magnificent hymn “How Great Thou Art.” Junior Cabin Area Director, Mary Page B. spoke from Psalm 28:7 about how we are not strong enough without the Lord, and he will always catch us when we fall.

First period began with a fresh first day of classes for the Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule, and girls were told the safety rules, and introduced to their instructors and classmates. In cooking, girls made delicious snickerdoodle cookies, and over in PAWS, girls taught the precious puppies the command “sit.” DIY crafts instructors Molly Kathryn C. and Madeline A. taught their girls how to make “God’s Eyes”, a version of dream catchers, while in guitar, Morgan B., Alex V., Camille P., Mairin M., Kate S., and instructor Lainey G. jammed out to “American Pie” and “Work.” Pottery classes were taught their first skill of making pinch pots, and our brand new Yoga class perfected the “tree pose.” The dock was full of life and energy, as music played and campers started classes in Lake Doris! Canoeing played the game “Sharks and Minnows” against their instructor, Catherine M., and kayakers learned/practiced their wet exits.

Lunch was a camp favorite of chicken sandwiches and S’MORE POCKETS!! Girls showed their appreciation for the delicious meal by calling out the kitchen staff for a well-deserved serenade. Girls took a nap or wrote letters during rest hour before a burst of energy for candy and soda occurred at the sound of the bugle for Trading Post! When asked of their favorite trading post items, Caroline H. of Tweedle Dum responded (without hesitation) that she liked Sour Patch Kids watermelons best, while Lucy L. of Comet likes anything chocolate! I think all Merri-Mac girls would agree with both choices!

Third and fourth period brought lots of learning and laughter, while campers Tarver G.  and Isabella G. enjoyed arabesques across the floor in dance, and Clara H. learned new knots in Climbing at the Traverse Wall. Dinner came with another awesome meal of turkey, hash brown casserole, broccoli, and a dessert of Jell-O cake! We even had a Merri-Mac birthday today, as Paige L. from Milky Way was celebrated with a cake, and a special singing of the “Birthday Rap.” We love you Paige, and are so glad you chose to celebrate your special day with us!

As I write, your beautiful daughters are cheering proudly (and so, so loudly!) for their tribes during Apache Race! The winning tribe just ran down the hill to raise their flag to the air, with the Seminoles reigning supreme!! The sweet sounds of friendship and tribal pride are in the air, and have filled camp with such life over the past two days. Thank you for sharing your girls with us this summer, and please rest assured that they are safe and well, and having the time of their lives. Camp Merri-Mac girls really are the best in the world!

We are so thrilled to continue this journey with another bright and Merri day tomorrow!

“From this haven..”


Anne Dillon Loflin

Tweedle Dum Counselor

Proud Choctaw