Dear Parents,


Every day at camp is special and filled with new adventure. Because there is so much fun and growth happening, I decided to ask campers about why they enjoyed camp or a specific activity. Their answers were filled with excitement and individuality.

Today was another merry day at Camp Merri-Mac! It started off with a delicious breakfast of baked oatmeal, sausage, and baked apples. The Seminoles won the Apache Race yesterday, but there will be another tribal competition tonight! Tonight’s evening activity was announced and it is volleyball! Once bellies were full and morning songs had been sung, the girls made their way to the chapel where Jessica G. read from Proverbs 3:5-6 and spoke about how we may not know our own path, but how the Lord does and we should trust in Him.

After chapel and tribe meetings, the girls had some down time until first period. I caught up with two campers enjoying the morning outside of Tucker Inn. I asked Avery B. and Lindsay J. what their favorite thing about camp was. Avery responded “the gravy” and Lindsay chimed in with “the food and kayaking and Mary Grace” (one of our awesome kayaking instructors). Emmy J. told me she loved playing with the puppies, especially Quinn, “the best puppy.” Sophia C. and Kathryn N were nibbling on some apples near the volleyball courts when I asked what they loved most about camp. Sophia spoke about participating in evening activities and cabin bonding; Kathryn added that tribal activities were also a favorite! Elizabeth S. declared that having fun and tetherball were the reasons she loves Camp Merri-Mac.

During first and second periods I dropped in a few of the various activities camp has to offer. In DIY Crafts, the girls were making “eyes of God” out of yarn and sticks. The kitchen smelled amazing because Cooking was making smoothies and egg cups. Bryce M. said that she was pumped to be in Cooking to eat the food and feel the sense of accomplishment “when you know you did a good job because it tastes good!” In Backpacking the girls were participating in team building exercises on the ropes course. Our gymnastics instructors were teaching the campers how to safely and correctly do pullovers, back hip circles on bars, and floor tumbling. In Yoga, the girls were practicing tuning their ears to hear their bodies, and ultimately God. I also got to see them do a breath prayer from Ephesians in which they focused on “I am God’s masterpiece” (inhale) and “He is making me new in Christ” (exhale). Adaline P. said that she enjoys yoga because she gets to stretch. At basketball, Audrey M. said that her favorite thing about the sport is working as a team. In tennis, I witnessed Catherine N. earn a silver bar! Next, I sought out drama class where Lydia M. declared that she liked drama because she gets “to have fun and learn.” I stumbled upon a guitar class on the porch of Big Dipper. Hannah K. was playing beautifully and said she even writes her own songs! She enjoys playing the guitar because of how relaxed and calm it makes her feel. In archery, the girls were scoring and working towards achieving their bronze bars. Betsy B. loves archery because she gets to do it with friends. At Lake Doris, Kayaking was working on their wet exits (also known as wexits); Merrill S. achieved a bronze bar in diving; and Morgan P. exclaimed that she loved diving because she had never done it before and was excited to be facing her fear.

Lunch today was everyone’s favorite – PIZZA! It was announced that the Irquois tribe won the spirit award at last night’s Apache Race (IBT!). During free time I talked to Allie M. whose favorite free time activity is to eat the delicious treats from Trading Post while chatting with her friends. Helen C. loves “the fact that there is free time so [she] can spend time with all the girls in [her] cabin.”

When third and fourth period rolled around, I sat in a Paws class and spoke with Tevi M. Her favorite thing about Paws is how cute the puppies are! In Riflery, Sherrill B., a camper of 6 years and in Sunnyside, earned her silver! “It’s been fun watching myself grow throughout the years” Sherrill said. In my last stop of the day, I heard from Katie S. in Pottery. Katie was making a pinch pot and said she liked pottery because “it gets messy and it’s really fun.”

Your girls bring light and happiness to camp and we are so grateful that you have shared them with us this summer! We love our campers! Tomorrow is another adventure waiting to happen!


With lots of love,

Christina Barnes