The long awaited Merri-Mac Christmas is finally here. The girls slept soundly in their beds for a whole extra hour and were awakened by a sound they will not soon forget. All through the camp the sound of laughter, truck wheels, the pitter-pattering of little feet, and “All I Want for Christmas is You”, echoed through the hills. All of these sounds can only mean one thing… Christmas is here. The girls come from all directions, left and right, in their pajamas awaiting a sweet treat for breakfast. Staff dressed in their best Christmas attire gleefully handed out fresh doughnuts and hot chocolate from the back of the blue ford truck to each and every girl and counselor. Smiles were nothing short of contagious this morning and many memories were made.

Once our bellies were full of sweet breakfast treats, counselors handed out stockings filled with sugary goodness (including some of nature’s candy, an apple) to each and every camper. From there, we all headed down to the chapel to sing Christmas songs and to hear another true story from one of our beloved counselors Becca. We learned about the great rewards we receive when we accept the gift God gave to us when He sent His Son down to earth for us. 

Classes today started with second period. It was an extremely special day for Sunny Siders because they were finally given their legendary clipboards. Classes started off with a bang. Ryan S. is working especially hard in diving and only a reverse flip is standing in the way of getting her gold bar. Cooking class made Christmas pasta with pesto and tomato sauce, the enticing smell of which drew campers and counselors alike to the cooking kitchen. Hannah G. shows off her mad skills in dance while spinning things on the flip side and teaching a class. She is persevering to get her platinum. DIY is working on collages. Backpacking learned about “Leave No Trace”. Pottery is focusing on making medallions.

There is always so much going on here at Camp Merri-Mac and the day is still young. Tonight the campers will receive white feather nominations. After the white feather ceremony, the girls watch the intermediate campers perform Christmas skits that they worked on last night and are proud to present. The night will end with firework viewings among friends. Just another day in the life of a Merri-Mac girl, where we don’t realize we’re making memories, we’re just having fun.

With love,

Liz Kindma

Blue Heaven Counselor