‘Twas the day before Christmas, and all through the camp,

Children arose from their slumber, faces as bright as a lamp.

After a night of dancing, cookies, snow cones, and crafts

We were happy to be back at Camp Merri-Mac.


Although the Rockmont Dance was full of fun and smiles,

Just us girls is how we’d like to stay for the while.

We ate a breakfast of eggs, biscuits, and sausage links,

Then sang our chapel songs, voices harmonizing in sync.


First period started, to archery, DIY, and fencing they went,

Playing Queen of the Court in tennis is always time well spent.

In pottery, they made slab mugs, medalians, and handles galore,

Soccer was full of energy, everything but a bore.


Second period rolled around and the horses were being ridden

Paws took Holby for a walk and the excitement could not be hidden.

In climbing, they belayed, and in volleyball they played,

They could hear the horses neigh, while in yoga, they prayed.


Lunch was a yummy meal of chicken and pita,

The girls scarfed the meal down as if they were cheetahs.

Third period brought more adventure; in Doris, some dove.

The cooking kitchen smelled great with pizza sauce on the stove.


Fourth period came and went and the sun started to descend,

Everyone is excited for Christmas, but not wanting Christmas Eve to end.

The stockings are being stuffed by the counselors with care,

The girls have so much spirit that they love to share.



We’re grateful for summer and time with these great girls

I think I hear Santa’s sleigh flying off in a whirl.

Good night to all, you shall hear from us soon,

Merri-Mac has become a second home, with a great view of the moon.




With love,

Christina Barnes