It was a breezy and beautiful morning here at Merri-Mac, and it was finally Sunday! The girls all rolled out of bed an hour later than usual, which was a wonderful start to our long-awaited day of rest. With a foggy view of the mountains just barely in sight, and a light breeze flowing through the air, the girls floated down the hill like angels in their Sunday whites and headed straight to breakfast where the smell of warm cinnamon rolls was unmistakable.

After a morning full of sweets and songs of praise, the girls from Rainbow led chapel and shared a message that would set the tone for the rest of our blessed day. Soon the sun cleared up all the fog, and without any classes to attend, the girls began to enjoy their restful day all across camp.

On the banks of lake Doris, and knee-deep in the mud, some campers successfully caught some baby frogs and even chased after a few salamanders. Up in the trees on Windy Hill, girls were cozy in their Eno hammocks reading books and swaying in the breeze. In the Lodge, campers worked on their bars for Dance class and practiced their tap dancing and other routines for our upcoming Fine Arts Night. Down on the tennis courts, a doubles match was in full swing, and almost every tether ball was occupied and in the midst of an intense game.

Arrows were flying at the archery range where girls were earning their bars, and in knitting, scarves and headbands were coming together beautifully as campers relaxed in rocking chairs on the Patti-O. In the cooking kitchen, some of our intermediate campers held a creative cookie-baking competition and had a few judges taste-test for the best original flavor. Down by Tweedle Creek, our youngest girls lounged on towels, painted nails, and colored drawings under the shade of the trees, while others learned how to make origami birds and kites with their counselors while waiting for lunch time.

With bellies full of our traditional Sunday lunch, fried chicken and mashed potatoes, the girls hiked back up the hill for an extra long rest hour, which was much needed and well appreciated. After some napping, letter-writing, and reading, the bugle rang for trading post and campers raced down the hill hoping to be at the front of the line. With their candy and snacks in hand, the girls headed to more activities to continue practicing for their bars and spending time with their counselors and friends.

In drama, girls sorted through costumes and worked on their bronze bars, in volleyball, they practiced bumping and setting, in climbing, the girls made their way to the top of the Upper Tower, and in the lake, campers of all ages enjoyed a free-swim complete with blobbing, sliding, diving, and even paddle boarding.

As the afternoon settled down, our CITs set everything up for the Sunday cookout and all of Merri-Mac was ready for a relaxed evening of good food and even greater company. With plates full of cheeseburgers, chips, watermelon, and cookies, the girls picnicked with their counselors and friends all across lower camp and stories from the day and laughter filled the air. Once dinner was finished, campers and staff headed up to the Chapel to enjoy a show full of music and skits and a story that reminded the girls of how much they are loved and showed them, once again, how present our Lord is in this special place. As the evening came to a close, cabins gathered together to participate in special evening activities planned by their counselors, and the girls of Sunnyside and Dreams dressed up and headed to the Sunny-Dreams prom to dance the night away.

Our day of rest may have turned out to be quite busy, but at Camp Merri-Mac, even the most relaxing days are exciting. Until next time, Sunday.

Goodnight from this Haven,

Ashlynn Tierney

Milky Way Counselor

Go Seminoles!