Radio Host: Good morning, and welcome to Merri-Mac Radio, Staff Appreciation Edition! Today, we will be interviewing some of our temporary staff members. Before we get started, let’s take some time to explain what Staff Appreciation Day looks like! Staff Appreciation Day is a very special day at camp, because the oldest campers and the counselors get to switch places! This allows for the counselors to have a restful day while still remaining involved, and it gives the older girls a taste of what it is like to be on staff. With that being said, let’s welcome our first two camper-counselors to the air: Camille P. from Cloud 9, and Juliana R. from Sunnyside!

Radio Host: Hi, Camille and Juliana, tell us a little bit about how your day as a staff member has been so far.

Camille: Today I am a counselor for the cabin Blue Heaven, and it has gone great so far! This morning, most of the girls hopped right out of bed. Catherine N, Eleanor E, and Anna Grace S, were very sleepy this morning. They even hid under their covers and we had to tickle them to get them up out of bed!

Juliana: This morning was amazing, I am with the youngest cabin, Tweedle Dee, and they are so cute! It was easy to wake the girls up because we played Disney songs all morning. We sang and danced while we cleaned our cabin. I never knew how much fun cleaning could be!

Radio Host: That all sounds great! Camille, how was breakfast this morning?

Camille: Breakfast was wild! One of Blue Heaven’s favorite meal is pancakes and bacon, so we refilled our serving plates around six or seven times. As a cabin we ate a total of 52 pieces of bacon, which is something I’m proud to be a part of!

Radio Host: Wow that’s a lot of bacon! What class are you helping teach today?

Camille: I am teaching fitness, which is actually very convenient because today I received my gold bar for teaching a class!

Radio Host: That’s amazing! Juliana, what class did you get to teach today?

Juliana: I get to help out with one of my favorite classes today, backpacking. Because I was in charge of the lesson plan, I chose to teach everyone how to make the perfect s’more. I think the class went really well!

Radio Host: Yes, I’m sure all the campers loved it! What has been your favorite part about being on staff today?

Julianna: My favorite part about being on staff is being able to share my love for camp with the girls. When I was a younger camper, the staff always made sure that we were always having a good time. It’s cool to be able to encourage the other girls and show them a fun time!

Radio Host: That’s awesome! Camille and Juliana, thank you so much for taking some time to be on the show today!

(short commercial break for a Stromboli lunch, rest hour, and trading post)

Radio Host: Welcome back to Merri-Mac radio! Next up, we are going to hear from a camper counselor all the way from Belgium! Please help me welcome to the show Ysie VM. from Dreams Begin!

Ysie: Thank you so much for having me! I am so happy to be at camp and excited to be able to be on staff for a day!

Radio Host: That’s wonderful to hear, Ysie! How has your day been so far?

Ysie: Today has been surprisingly tough, but extremely rewarding. I didn’t realize how much work it takes to be a camp counselor, especially at meals. As a counselor, you have to serve all your campers before you can serve yourself. It takes a lot of patience, but this experience has been worthwhile!

Radio Host: I am glad that you are learning and able to take away a positive lesson from today! What has been your favorite part about being at camp in general?

Ysie: Well because I am from Belgium, I was very nervous to come to a camp that is so far away from home. After just one day of being at Merri-Mac, I felt at home. The community is so nice to be around. The people are very open, non judgmental, and I feel really comfortable being here. I hope that one day I can come back and be a real staff member!

Radio Host: That’s incredible, Ysie! Thank you for sharing with the audience today.

Ysie: Thanks for listening!

Radio Host: That’s a wrap on interviews today folks, but throughout the day emails have been flooding in from full-time staff about how the camper counselors are doing. I am going to read a few of my favorites!

Assistant camp Director Mary Page B. wrote very highly of the older campers. She said, “I am so incredibly proud of our Sunnyside and Dreams girls. I have seen so much growth from our girls today, and it gives me hope that one day they will come back as staff!”

Evening Activity Director and Cabin Area Director, Elizabeth O., also expressed singing praises. She wrote, “Today was a wonderful day at camp! I had a camper-counselor make me a s’more in backpacking, and watching the girls step into new leadership roles has been beautiful to see.

Radio Host: Thanks for tuning in folks! Now the girls are off for a Mexican-style dinner. After dinner, we are having a pajama themed Fine Arts Night in the Mike! Thank you for sharing your girls with us this summer. We could not be more thankful to grow in our faith alongside of them. Tune in tomorrow for more merri news! This is Milky Way counselor Olivia Wiggins signing off. This is goodnight and not goodbye!