Today marks the end of an era. Never again will all of these girls be back at Merri-Mac in the same way they are today. They will all go back home, attend school in the fall, and perhaps return again next summer. Some will be CITs; some will just be visiting. We are thankful for the friendship and adventures we have had together, and we made an effort to enjoy our last full day together. We woke up at 7, as many of us have been doing for a month now. At breakfast we had the classics: hashbrowns, eggs, and sausage. We headed up to Lake Doris for Sunnyside Chapel, where the oldest campers got the chance to impart what wisdom they have gained from their years at camp. Today’s activities were truly special because they gave girls the opportunity to participate without the pressure of earning bars. The last pottery pieces were on display in the enchanted barn. Cooking baked up some homemade s’more pockets. Backpacking campers Kate A., Emma J., and Isabeau C. were learning how to light stoves. An advanced riding class went on a mountain trail ride early this morning. Guitar was very relaxed today, allowing campers to learn new songs.

Lunch was pizza and s’more pockets, a camp favorite. We practiced lakeside songs, and I would be surprised to learn that there was a single dry eye in the room. We then headed up to the Mike to practice closing ceremony, so that it will be perfect for parents tomorrow. In DIY, girls were making duct tape wallets, purses, and coin holders. In tennis, Kate D. practiced her backhand swing. In Archery, there was true joy as girls simply enjoyed the feeling of having a bow in their hands. In Riflery, gold bar holder Audrey S. got the chance to teach the sitting position to her friend Natalie C.. That was a proud moment for the riflery staff because we love to see skill development!

Tonight we will eat our last dinner together and then say our last goodbyes at Final Campfire and Lakeside. We will give your daughters back to you, but they will certainly be missed!

Taryn Springer

Sundrop Counselor