It could not have been a more perfect Merri-Mac opening day. The sun shone brilliantly while campers checked in and parents helped unpack and say goodbye to their excited daughters. I always enjoy walking around on opening day snapping photos of those special moments because everyone is exuberant with first day excitement. 

When all the unpacking is done, swim tests are taken, and returning campers get reacquainted again, camp life picks back up where it left off last summer. I always observe the first year campers and how even though they are nervous at first, they catch on quickly and make new friends in a matter of minutes. After the Sunday dinner of fried chicken and mashed potatoes,  Initiation begins and our new campers (called Palefaces) are no longer new. They are initiated into the tribe they will stay in for life. Even our youngest girls beam with excitement as the colors of their tribe are painted on their faces. Part of Initiation is the task of sleeping in their paint, so when I see them at breakfast the next morning they are still wearing their colors with pride.

Here is a list of girls and the tribes they were initiated into.


Blakely N., Liza M., Olivia P., Lily H., Cecilia B., Dali W., Harper R., Charlotte K., Isabella D., Kate P., Arianna W., Kristien B., Chris R.


Elizabeth S., Audrey M., Omie M., Sadye M., Virginia L., Ava L., Carrolline S., Claire S., Caroline B., Margaret R., Belen D., Sofia I., Elizabeth T., Kylie P., Aashna P., Morgan B., Caroline K., Alexia A., Francesca A., Sutton N., Ava R., Jean J.


Brooke C., Clara H., Mary R., Regan M., Blythe G., Jillian K., Juliette K., Alexis O., Gable G., Nadia R., Vivian N., Stella H., Savannah B., Audrey H., Natalie H.

The tribal leaders who were elected last night.


Chief: Mallorie D.  Medman: Riley W.  Braves: Meghan R. and Cara H.


Chief: Mattie C.  Medman: Sarah English C. Braves: Nicole C. and Ann D.


Chief: Jillian F.  Medman: Elizabeth J. Braves: Faith L. and Rush L.

Here’s to a great 1 week/2week session at camp.  I look forward to taking photos and getting to know your children better. 

Wendy Perry


Proud Iroquois since 1987