Merri-Mac campers woke up at reveille to a cool breeze blowing through their screen windows and fog rolling over the Blue-Ridge Mountains. The girls ran down the hill at the ring of the breakfast bell only to find the smell of french toast and bacon wafting through the tucker inn doors. The temperature rose like the excitement over breakfast songs did; slowly then all at once! All of the girls headed over to the chapel to hear an inspiring sermon given by their favorite camp director, Adam Boyd. The girls were filled with light and love, then sent on their way to another beautiful, exciting day at Camp Merri-Mac .

Soon enough, the bugle rang and everyone reported to their first period activity. In PAWS, the campers wrangled in the puppies and taught them to lay down, then took them on a pleasant walk around camp. Gracie A. said “I like PAWS because the puppies are cute and fun to play with.” I couldn’t agree more Gracie! In riflery today Olivia K. and Claire M. worked towards their silver bars and Juliana R. took a shot at earning her gold bar. Campers who participated in guitar sat on Little Dipper’s porch and picked away at their guitars. Millie M. learned how to play “Counting Stars” as a requirement for her silver bar and said “I learned to play guitar at camp and now I play all the time. Its gnarly.” 

Let’s taco bout lunch, because from what I saw, every camper rejoiced when they spotted “taco in bag” written on the lunch menu! After a delicious meal, everyone was dismissed and counselors walked campers to their cabins so they could take a quick nap after a busy and fulfilling morning. Soon enough, it was time for trading-post. The Tweedles were lined up at their door before the bugle could make a sound and they sprinted to Trading Post to receive their hard earned treats! Campers and counselors moseyed around the grass and bonded with one another while they enjoyed their snacks.

Free time ended and campers headed to their third and fourth periods. In drama, monologues were memorized an the campers learned about many different types of theatre: documentary classics, soap operas, Interludes and Musicals. Nicole F. and Sarah B. came very close to earning their silver bars and Ellie F. almost received her bronze. As I approached the archery range, campers were firing away at their targets. Some of these campers include Audrey G. who shot from twenty yards away versus the normal fifteen and Abby M. got a bullseye! Cooking campers were cooking up a storm in the kitchen. They made creamy mac n’ cheese and pigs in a blanket to tide them over before their next meal.

After a satisfying dinner, campers practically exploded out of the dining hall in anticipation of their evening activity: America-themed Color wars! As much as we like to say “Our country, Our tribe, ‘til the day we die” around camp, the girls left their tribal rivalries behind and were assigned color groups. Blue team, white team, and red team stormed Mackie’s Green and every team bonded over their love for the Land of the Free in a place they call home.

As the sun sets on Camp Merri-Mac, we are thankful for another glorious  day given to us by the Lord and that opportunity to share it with each and every one of your children.

“I want to linger, a little longer….”

Happy Camping!

Elizabeth “Biscuit” Chandler

Blue Heaven Counselor