After a relaxing and much needed restful Sunday, the girls woke up bright and early ready for a Merri Monday! With a new week beginning at camp, each cabin made sure to be on top of their chore game in hopes of winning the cabin cake at the end of the week. After we brushed our teeth and finished our chores, we were ready for breakfast. Breakfast was a camp classic consisting of scrambled eggs, bacon and hash browns. The oldest cabin, Sunnyside, led camp in the morning songs, including “Hip Hooray” and “Down by the River” After breakfast we headed to chapel, where we heard from Rainbow Counselor Robin N. about how no matter how far we stray away from God, he will always be running after us with open arms.


The first period bugle rang and the girls were off to their first activity. Today in cooking we whipped up a fresh batch of homemade mac and cheese paired with golden brown pigs-in-a-blanket. It was a very special day in both riding and PAWS, because the horses were taken on their first trail ride of the summer, and the puppies were taken on their first walk around camp! Up on Windy Hill, the mountains were filled with the beautiful sound of girls strumming away in guitar class. Today in lacrosse, Hannah G. came up with a full lesson plan and taught the class to achieve her gold bar. After a wonderful and busy morning, our tummies were beginning to rumble, and it was time for lunch. Campers were overjoyed when they read on the menu board that today’s lunch was pizza and ice-cream! When lunch was over, the evening activity director Elizabeth O. announced that tonight’s activity would be base jumping! The girls were so thrilled that they jumped up onto their benches and began hooting and hollering for their tribe. After all that cheering, the girls headed up to their cabins for a short break before trading post. Meanwhile, Lillian F, Eva B, Elodie W, Lola H, Caroline F, Samantha P,and Audrey S. were having a blast on their water skiing trip! All six of them preformed incredibly and were able to stand up on the water. Back at camp, it was time for third and fourth period. Claire E. kicked off third period by receiving her bronze in archery. In kayaking, we mastered our T-rescues, and Millie M. got her roll. In climbing, we learned new knots and attempted the overhang. In backpacking, we took water from the Tweedle Creek and learned how to filter it into clean drinking water. As activities came to a close, the girls ran up to their cabin to put on their tribe jerseys and paint their faces. Tonight’s dinner of chicken fajitas, rice, and beans fueled us for our intense tribal battle. Another beautiful day has come to a close at Camp Merri-Mac, and we are looking forward to what the rest of this week holds. Thank you for sharing your girls with us this summer and for giving us as counselors the incredible privilege of getting to know them.


“This is goodnight and not goodbye.”


Olivia Wiggins

Milky Way Counselor