After a relaxing night of sleeping to the pattern of pitter-pattering rain, the girls woke to the sound of reveille for another Merri day. The day began with the girls completing their cabin chores while exclaiming their gratitude that tomorrow they wouldn’t have to do them! Last night at evening activity the staff and campers competed for who will be doing chores tomorrow… and lucky for the campers they won. Then it was time for breakfast where we had the classic circle eggs, sausage, and hash browns. After we went to chapel where we sang lovely songs like prince of peace, amazing love, and the always favorite banana song! Then it was time for a true story with Adam Boyd. He spoke beautiful words emphasizing the fact that God makes anything and everything beautiful.

First period was initiated by the sound of the bugle and the girls were off to the first activities of the day. The adorable puppies were played with and cared for by even more adorable campers with their sweet hearts! The pleasant sounds of the guitar playing could be heard as the wind carried the tunes around camp. The climbers showed their courage as they scaled the climbing wall, reaching towards new heights. In every activity bars and marks were strived for as Grace A. and Eva L. earned their bronze in basketball while Lizzie R. and Kate F. worked on their silvers in tennis! The bugle sounded again and it was time for a delicious lunch of philly cheese steak followed by a favorite dessert of chocolate chip cookies! Afterwards we let our happy, full stomachs digest during rest time before we filled them again during trading post at free time. Lucy B. demonstrated great friendship during this as she bought trading post goodies for a fellow camper who was unable to make it. Then afternoon activities started again and eight girls swamped their canoe in just one period! Good job Alexis B, Anna L, Katherine Faye N, Britta B, Ava T, Abigail K, Davern C, Sherrill B, and Bryce M! At this time other activities like cooking made monkey bread, emergency water safety worked on side strokes, and kayaking continued perfecting their wet exits. After a full day of activities we ended with a tasty meal of sweet and sour chicken, spring rolls, and “dirt” for dessert! Dinner was followed by one of the camper’s favorite activities… counselor hunt! All of the counselors hid while the campers looked to find their hiding spot. If a camper found a counselor, they got to push us into the lake. As the counselors rose to the top of the water and heard the sound of the tribe songs surrounding the lake, we felt so gracious to be with these sweet and enthusiastic girls.
This camp has so much life and joy thanks to campers. We absolutely love having them here!
Tori Regan