It was a beautiful Monday morning here at Merri‐Mac! The bright sunlight peeked through the trees and flowed into the cabins as the girls opened their eyes, hopped out of bed, and got ready for a very eventful day. After a delicious breakfast of strawberry‐banana French toast and bacon, the girls all headed to chapel where the sound of bells and songs of praise echoed throughout camp. Whispers and giggles filled the chapel as Elizabeth Olvey told a hilarious story that reminded us of God’s never ending forgiveness; a message that would stick with us for the rest of our days here at camp. Soon the bugle rang, and the girls hurried off to their first classes of the day. With the sun still shining bright and a light breeze rolling down the hill, it was a perfect day filled with all kinds of fun and adventure.

In gymnastics, campers started the day off with a warm up, some stretching, and then practiced their skills and flexibility. Up on the hill in yoga class, the sound of a nearby waterfall was soothing as the girls stretched and quietly practiced their poses. In guitar, Rush L. was restringing a guitar all by herself while the others practiced their chords and started learning new songs. In drama, there were many laughs as the girls played different acting games, and in dance, campers split up into small groups to choreograph their own original dances. In archery and riflery, the girls perfected their aim and went for bullseyes, and in backpacking, mini skits were performed which humorously demonstrated the “leave no trace” principles of camping. Sarah E. taught fitness class today and led the girls in running relay races. In cooking, it was “custom cookie day” and the girls got creative with different flavors and toppings for their cookies.

In pottery, campers worked on handmade pinch pots, and in knitting, they crafted some beautiful headbands. In riding, the girls rode their horses on a trail ride across camp, and in paws, they all gathered around and gave our puppy, Lucy, a bath. In DIY crafts, campers made collaged post cards while some Sunnyside campers worked on decorating and writing their suns. In basketball some intense games of knockout were played, and in fencing the girls worked to perfect their technique. On the dock, the campers in swimming played water polo and practiced their strokes, and in diving, they worked on their front tucks and other impressive dives for their bars. In canoeing and kayaking, the girls learned paddling techniques and floated across lake Doris under a clear blue sky.

After second period, the girls were off to lunch where they found lots of Stromboli and chocolate chip cookies. After shouting tribe songs at the top of their lungs and finding out that our evening activity was Cabin Night, the girls hiked up the hill to enjoy their rest hour and relax before the next half of their day.

In 3rd period mountain biking, campers learned how to put bike tires on and took an uphill lap around camp with Vika S. and Hayley F. in the lead. In climbing, the girls learned how to tie special knots and made it all the way to the top of the Upper Tower. In volleyball, there was a lot of bumping and setting, and Emerson M. taught her classmates some games.

Soon it was time for dinner, and everybody headed down to Tucker Inn after a long and exciting day of classes.  Then Cabin Night finally arrived, and the dining hall was overflowing with excitement. After some intense chanting and cheering for their cabins, the girls found out what their evening activities from their counselors, who had been secretly planning them all week. The tweedles enjoyed a giant slip and slide as well as a sneaky trading post raid, Little Dipper went to play with the puppies, Blue Heaven made pancakes and had the Tucker Inn all to themselves, and all the rest of the cabins on senior hill were scattered across camp doing all kinds of creative and surprise activities.

At the end of the night, we returned to our cabins to get ready for bed. Taps rang at 10 o’clock, the lights went out, and all the girls snuggled into their beds already dreaming of what their adventures would entail tomorrow. It was a fun and successful Monday here at camp, and we’re excited to see what tomorrow has in store. Until then, this is goodnight and God bless! We’ll see you bright and early Merri‐Mac.

Ashlynn Tierney

Blue Heaven Counselor

Dance Instructor

Seminole Pride