Last night we welcomed 23 campers to Merri-Mac! After a wonderful meal, the entire camp organized themselves into tribes and hiked up the hill to the teepee. There, the Choctaw, Iroquois and Seminole tribes waited with great anticipation to see which girls the Spirit of Merri-Mac would send them.


Georgia V., Margaret M., Amelia B., Bella S., Mackenzie V., Mary F., Samantha S., and Agnes H.


Jane A., Julianna M., Grace H., and Kendall D.


Margaret M., Claire J., Mary S., Anne G., Britt M., and Sarah S.

As soon as the girls were welcomed with cheers and hugs into their tribes, the camp launched straight into a game of sock war. Once the game was over, the girls were surprised with an ice cream party on Macky’s Green, complete with whipped cream and sprinkles! After an extremely eventful and joyful night at camp, campers and counselors headed back to their cabins to get ready for a peaceful night of sleep. We are so happy to have our new campers here, and to be able to welcome them into the Merri-Mac family!

Davie Boone