It was such a merry day at Camp Merri-Mac! We awoke to the bugle and cheerfully went to breakfast where we ate a wholesome meal of French toast and bacon. After breakfast, we made our way to chapel where we sang “Pharaoh Pharaoh” and “Oceans (Where my Feet May Fall).” Ally, the Assistant Director of Merri-Mac, told us a silly story about slipping and falling on ice, feeling embarrassed, and being helped up by her friends. She spoke about how God is similar to our friends in that He helps us up in our moments of embarrassment and weakness; He will walk with us in times of trouble and will never leave our side.

The girls then headed to their morning classes! In pottery, they were making pinch pots! In cooking, the girls were letting their inner chef come out, making crepes with chocolate sauce, blueberries, and strawberries. The girls in fitness classes were working on challenging themselves by choice; they would do a set of whole body exercises then at the end of class would try to beat their original time. In gymnastics, Shae and Regan taught floor exercises including roundoffs and chasees. In climbing the girls scaled the traverse wall, learned new vocab terms, and were taught how to tie knots (figure eight follow through, clove hitch, and the double fisherman’s knot). In drama, the girls played new improve games. Puppy camp walked the dogs around the property and played with the growing pups!

After first and second periods, we were hungry! Lucky for us, lunch today was chicken patty sandwiches and mac and cheese! We ate until our tummies had been satisfied and then sang tribal songs. Olivia announced that evening activity would be SOCK WAR! Which tribe will win? (IBT!!) Once the singing had ended we made our way back to our cabins for a much needed rest half-hour. The bugle rang again and the sound of kids laughing sprinting down the hill filled the camp. Trading post is everyone’s favorite time to be with friends and eat treats. I caught up with some differing age groups during free time and asked what the neatest thing about camp was.

Whitley M. in Tweedle Dee said she loved coming to camp because she likes the horses and the blob. She also said that she loved all the new friends, but especially loved being at camp with her “best BFF,” her sister, Paisley. Molly R. enjoys meeting different girls from year to year. Annabeth T. loves coming because “everybody is so nice.” I spoke to a group of Sunnysiders who had a lot to say about what makes camp so special. Albatross (9th summer at camp) loves “seeing how traditions change over the years, making new traditions, and teaching the old ones to new campers.” Savy S. (9th summer at camp) loves “growing up with the same people and watching them grow.” Shay A. (9th summer at camp) said it was “surreal” going from being the littlest at camp to a tribal leader. Caroline W. (7th summer at camp) loves the tradition of camp. Abby K. (8th summer at camp) said she loved watching “tribal leaders become counselors.” Sunnyside counselor, Laura M. loves “seeing campers turn into counselors and keeping strong relationships throughout the years.” Anne Boyd, Director of Merri-Mac loves “tweedles, seeing the girls grow up and go from little girls to young ladies, becoming friends with campers, and, in general, EVERYTHING ABOUT CAMP!”

We are so happy to have your girls here this summer. They are a joy to have and truly light up the camp.


Camp is great!


Christina Barnes

Rainbow Counselor