7 a.m. the bugle rang loudly,

girls emerged from their beds where they had slept so soundly.

We swept and made our bunks to win the cabin cake,

then headed down for breakfast of oatmeal—that was baked!!

Around the lake to the Chapel we ran

for our time for cherishing God’s beautiful land.

We sang camp favorite songs about stars lighting up our days,

and ended our worship with “Amazing Grace.”

Our very own Mary Grace Budd complied

that without the Lord our Father we are never satisfied.

Classes began with a bugle and smiles

as backpacking learned how to make types of fires.

Knowlton W. showed off her fire building skills,

while cooking made chips and dip, filling the sweet-smelling hills.

Yoga journaled and channeled their inner zen,

while sisters Alexia and Francesca A. fenced and battled for the win!

In Riding and PAWS we loved on our camp pets,

and celebrated a great lunch—chicken patties and s’more pockets!!

To much anticipation and cheering galore,

evening activity was proudly announced as: SOCK WAR!

Rest hour came and was filled with quiet reflection,

but trading post bugle rang with overwhelming anticipation.

Afternoon classes started back up,

with the Argentina team winning Soccer class’ World Cup!

Also in soccer, we watched exciting events unfold,

as Helen and Caroline M. got their bronzes

and Kimmy C. and Lauren B. did 20 juggles for the gold!

Much love and daily hard work was given by our directors and Patti-O

and we even had a dinner feast of meat lasagna and pudding with oreo!!

Through the hills I hear the sweet sound of tribal pride

as these girls grow in their faith and friendship, side by side.

The rain may have dampened our trees and soil,

but fun at camp can never be spoiled.

The storms were coming, so that through them we didn’t have to paddle

To Tucker Inn we headed for an impromptu Lip Sync Battle!

With selections ranging from Camp Rock 2 to Wicked, and Hairspray to N’Sync

The girls were singing and dancing within a blink!

Their spirit never died, not for a second,

and in fact, I’ve never seen an evening activity with that much passion!! (Lip Sync is intense!!)

Your campers love each other, and camp loves them,

their lights shine so brightly and can never be dimmed.

The cheers of the Choctaw, Iroquois, and Seminole are loud,

but the gentle friendships made here ring an even sweeter sound.

For there’s nothing quite like the time we spend here,

in our hearts forever, we’ll keep Merri-Mac near.