Yesterday, our staff and campers woke up a little earlier to do one of our favorite things: welcome new faces to this beautiful camp.  I had the privilege of taking photos around camp in the morning and family photos in the afternoon!  I love seeing the excited faces as girls meet their cabin friends and move their belongings into this new place they get to call home for the next two weeks.

It was a special day because we had the opportunity to initiate 68 new Merri-Mac girls into their tribes! If you haven’t experienced a proper Merri-Mac initiation, here’s a little look into what it is like:

We have the Choctaw, Iroquois, and Seminole tribes represented by their specific colors.  Everybody separates into these tribes before the initiation meeting, and they walk together to sit in their spots.  We are told the story that gives the history of our tribes, and then those being initiated are instructed to listen closely for their names.  It’s a big celebration when the girls finally hear their name!  They are greeted by the leaders of the tribe to get their faces dotted with paint and sit with some of their newest friends.

With that, I would like to introduce the new members of the Merri-Mac tribes:

Seminoles: Cece J., Ann Gordon S., Emily B., Sarah B., Bays Q., Brooke M., Oleanna K., Olivia C., Isabelle M., Taylor M., Ellie D., Katie D., Piper G., Amelia C., Caroline A., Francesca B., and Isabelle O. 

Iroquois: Alexandra E., Eleanor F., Ellie G., Sarah M., Elizabeth M., Virginia L., Carine T., Lillian R., Olivia S., Mary Margaret L., Eliza R., Isabelle R., Elizabeth M., Reagan M., Caroline B., Mary S., Ayva R., Kenley C., Mina D., Vanessa F., Anna W., Julia H., Emma A., Virginia H., Meg F., and Taylor D. 

Choctaw: Katie N., Wallace T., Sarah M., Lane H., Zadie H., Ainsley C., Kathleen S., Lacey C., Gemma W., Lindsey B., Charlotte A., Charlotte G., Claudia G., Isabella S., Chacey C., Gabriella D., Juliana H., Nicole F., Caroline S., Mira S., Lily K., Jillian C., Savannah K., Madelyn J., and Caitlyn B. 

Oh yes, and did I mention that we also initiated our puppies from our Paws class!?  They brought a whole new level of cuteness to our 3B Initiation!

Seminole: Taylor and Quin

Iroquois: Holby

Choctaw: Lucy and Benton

With a dab of paint on the puppies’ foreheads, they scampered away proudly, ready to splash in the bathtub before nighttime came.

It was a fantastic day being in a place that we love so dearly.  How lucky we are to be here for two more weeks!


-Ali Achterhof

Northwestern College ’18