Camp Merri-Mac is at it again! Today was another great day for the books. From pottery to tennis, the fun never ends. In pottery, Ashley Lauren J. says her favorite thing is working with clay. It is not every day that a girl gets to create art with clay! Today in DIY crafts, they drew elaborate pictures and colored them. Cece J. says her favorite thing to do in DIY crafts is make bracelets. It is a talent that can go a long way. Basketball worked on layups today, perfecting their steps and timing. Abby K. and Shay A. enjoy basketball, saying that basketball is love, and basketball is life. In fitness, Julia S. taught the class to gain her gold bar. She worked arms, legs, and Zumba all in the span of one hour. Talk about an intense workout!

In guitar today, girls perfected their skills by practicing songs of their own choosing. Addie K. says that her favorite part of guitar is the sound. It leaves one mellow, but also in awe. In yoga, girls worked on their yoga poses and meditated. Carley M. says that her favorite thing about yoga is feeling zen. It is a great way to relax in such an energized environment. Climbing was adventurous as always! Sarah R. says that her favorite things about climbing are the instructors. Merri-Mac has done a good job at picking the right people that are well equipped for each activity! In gymnastics, the girls were practicing their tumbling on the mat. Abby K. says that although today was her first day, she loved it and was impressed by how welcoming everyone was to her. Caroline W. was excited to announce that she got her cartwheel today. We learn something new every day!

In riflery, Margaret Ann W. got her gold. It just goes to show that girls come with many skills, even the skills that may not seem likely at times! It was fajita day in cooking, so of course, they added some delightful guacamole and chips as an appetizer. It is amazing what they can cook up in just one hour! For tennis today, the girls worked on their bars and serves, reaching goals that might have seemed a bit impossible at first. Backpacking took a trek along the creek for a couple of classes and talked about leaving no trace behind by keeping the environment safe and friendly – these are good things to learn at a young age!

At night, the girls stayed with their cabins and bonded. Cabin night is a great night for the girls to get to know each other personally and enjoy a smaller sized group. It included fun activities such as swimming, cooking, making s’mores and banana boats over the fire, and slip n’ slide. The girls loved this time to be together with those of the same age! As you can see, the days and nights just keep getting better, and Merri-Mac never fails to impress.


Kristen Hancock

Tweedle Dum Counselor