_46A7911smIt was a rainy last day of camp, but that did not stop the girls from having fun in all of their last activities! Girls were playing lacrosse, riding, swimming, and even climbing in the rain. Cooking classes served up some delicious m&m cookies, and in backpacking the girls learned how to use a water filter and made hot chocolate with filtered water from Tweedle Creek. Everyone on the lake had free swim today so girls were diving, blobbing, and splashing around in the water all day.

After a great lunch of mini corndogs and mac and cheese, Sunnyside led the camp in calling out the kitchen staff and singing thanks to them for their hard work. In DIY and Pottery, girls wrote thank you notes to staff. In Riding, the girls were able go on a trail ride around camp. It was a day of thanks that was bittersweet but full of smiles.

The day ended with White Feather, Final Campfire, and Lakeside.

At White Feather, Owen M., Bays Q., Virginia L., Julia C., Emma A., Amelia C., Lillian Jane L., Oleanna K., Olivia S., Josephine V., Taylor M., Shea S., Meg F., Beth H., Caroline S., Nikke F., Juliana H., Ayva R., Mary S., Hannah G., Caroline B., Kenley C., Addison K., Clarissa S., Lindsay J., Ivy C., Riley M., Morgan S., Gabrielle A., Ava W., Molly M., Norah M., Tory S., Elizabeth W., Drake M., Hannah F., Grace R., Carolyn C., Holly H., Sarah R., Olivia  D., Sydney H., Hayden W. all received promotions in the ranks of White Feather.

Abby B. was promoted to full White Feather, and everyone was so proud of her major accomplishment. Final Campfire followed White Feather with all of the cabins sharing memories from the summer and the Sunnysiders finishing it out with Shabooga Roll Call (a silly chant that always brings surprises and laughter) and handing out the Suns that they had made for both campers and staff.

Lakeside finished out the night beautifully with the girls gathered around the lake singing and placing candles in the lake. After lakeside the girls gave hugs, promised to stay in touch, and shed many tears as they said goodbye to all the dear friends they had met that summer. They girls then headed to bed with the anticipation of Closing Ceremony and seeing their parents. At Closing they will be recognized for accomplishments, sing tribal songs, find out who the new princess is, and of course find out who won the banner!

Margaret Patton (CIT)