The sun was brightly shining this morning as the campers awoke at 7:00 AM to the cheery tones of Reveille and headed down the hill to eat a nice meal of biscuit sandwiches. Laughter could be heard all across the dining hall as campers sang their favorite breakfast songs for one of the final times this year.

In Chapel, the girls enjoyed hearing Adam answer the question of what God requires of us and told us a story that inspired us to live faithfully. Chapel was followed by the girls last Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday classes of the summer. In knitting and pottery, the girls finished the projects that they had been working so hard on these past two or four weeks. In kayaking, diving, swimming, and canoeing, the girls all enjoyed a nice free swim where they could ride the waterslide, jump off the Blob, ride the paddle board, or just have fun while swimming in Lake Dorris.

During Lunch, campers ate a delightful meal of tacos and then enjoyed singing everyone’s favorite tribal songs. After that, we practiced singing the beautiful Lake Side songs and there was barely a dry eye in all of Tucker Inn.

For the afternoon activities, cooking enjoyed making homemade ice cream in ziploc bags and adding whatever flavor they would like in it. In dance, the girls played a nice round of freeze dance to some of their favorite songs. In soccer, the girls practiced punting and then played a nice game of football. The Sunnysiders all enjoyed working on their suns in DIY craft this afternoon and carrying on a Merri-Mac tradition.

For Dinner, the girls came down in their tribe jerseys ready to eat some nice ravioli and then play a camp favorite game of sock war. However, during dinner, the rain started to pour down on us and plans were changed so that we could stay safe and enjoy and awesome game of Tribal Trivia instead. A great day was had by all as the girls enjoyed some of the last few moments with their camp friends this summer.

Julia Bell

Counselor In Training