We hope you all enjoyed the holiday season and that it was filled with great food, smiles, and those new amazing Merri-Mac Christmas shirts.  Our CITs are returning from the Costa Rica training program and the year round staff are cozying up to the heaters in the office- so I guess you could say all is well.  As we are graced with the fresh life of the new year we compiled a short but sweet New Year’s resolution list for any girl at camp. We hope you are inspired and maybe even make your own list for the summer! We cannot wait to have you.

A New Year’s Resolution List for every Merri-Mac girl in 2017

  1. Earn a bar or elective in an activity
  2. Hug Patti-O more
  3. Pet the Camp Puppies more
  4. Actually enjoy eating my s’more pocket instead of eating it in one bite
  5. Write encouraging notes to all the girls in my cabin
  6. Share my Tray-Po with a counselor
  7. Sing louder and stomp harder on my bench in Tucker Inn
  8. Make up a new tribe song
  9. Play with Tweedles during free time
  10. Win a cabin cake