May 1. Around here, we live and die by that date. Water’s on? May 1. Landscaping finished? May 1. Blob in the water? You guessed it, May 1.

Camp is in full swing. The flowers are blooming, trees are greener every day, and construction is wrapping up. Today I sat outside for an hour and saw carpenters, landscapers, plumbers, “tile guys,” architects and contractors. We are fixing screens and mowing grass, planting flowers and pruning bushes. New bunkbeds are being delivered, canoes are back in the lake, and ThorGuard (our lighting-detection system) is up and running. Camp is starting to feel alive.

As I sit in my office and type this, I can hear the builders outside talking and laughing. Sometimes, I forget it’s still April. Sometimes, they sound just like campers.

May 1? Game on.

38 days til camp,

Mary Page

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