Merri Mac awoke to a crisp chill in the air this morning. Girls hopped out of bed to quickly attend to their chores and prepare for the fun day ahead. Breakfast was waffles with bacon, assorted cereals and fruit, a yogurt bar, and grits. The sounds of laughter, giggles, voices, and singing filled the room. Sarah Kate announced the evening activity was tribal volleyball, and in response the Merri Mac girls erupted into excited cheers and chants for their tribe.

By the end of chapel the sun had appeared from behind the clouds; it shined down just in time to warm Merri-Mac and her girls up before our first activities. At the sound of the bugle, girls flooded down the mountain from Senior Hill and poured out of the Tweedle cabins in a mad dash of excitement to get to their first activity.

Climbing was at the Upper Tower today, and girls worked on climbing the 32-foot tower as well as knots for their bars. Tennis worked on their backhands and played a fun game of jail. PAWS was filled with giggles of girls and the joyful barks of the young puppies. Gymnastics focused on vaults, bars, beam, and floor today and their girls were all smiling as they literally tumbled along the floor mats. Lake Doris transformed in a lake of laughter (get it? Like a sea of laughter but it’s a lake… I digress) as canoeing, swimming, kayaking, emergency water safety class, and diving filled the lake. The boathouse had some music playing, and girls discussed with the activity heads steps for getting their gold, silver, and bronze bars, which recognize growth in activities.

During the free time before lunch and after Trading Post, Merri-Mac’s three tribes were hosting volleyball tournaments. The volleyball courts were filled with girls who, despite having just eaten pizza for lunch and sugary snacks at trading post, were running with all their might and working their very hardest: every girl from the Tweedles to the girls in Sunnyside wanted to win points for their tribe.

Following the uneventful rest hour (which is the whole point of rest hour), and the very exciting Trading Post/free time break afterwards, girls headed off to their activities – riding was working on trotting, drama was playing charades and learning new terms, riflery worked on grouping, and so many more activities worked on improving and growing in their activities through friends and adventure.

The day slowly shifts to evening, and just as girls start to feel a rumble in their tummy, the dinner bell rang and everyone sprinted to our delicious meal of pot roast with carrots and mashed potatoes. We sang to our two birthday girls today too ~ Cecelia B. & Paige L! The sound of the girls’ volleyball tournament could be heard from the other side of camp as the girls cheer loudly for their tribe.

All in all, we had a pretty amazing day here at Merri Mac… but then again everyday is amazing at Merri Mac.

Emy W.

Stardust Counselor