It truly was a “merri” day at camp on this lovely Wednesday! With the sound of reveille early in the morning, campers slipped out from underneath their covers and started right away on cabin chores. Many girls headed down the mountain in an extra flannel layer or two to warm up in the cool air. Breakfast was none other than the delicious combination of baked oatmeal and coffee cake! After rounding the dining hall during morning songs, campers headed back up toward chapel for a devotion led by Moonmist counselor, Amy J. It’s always a joy to hear beautiful voices in our camp hymn and favorite praise songs.

Following a brief period of free time, girls continued the morning with their first and second scheduled classes. From the newly crafted clay pots formed in the Enchanted Barn to the delicious cookies baked in cooking, there are masterpieces found all over camp! On the lower tennis courts, counselor Olivia W. led dribbling drills leading up to a knockout competition for basketball. Even with the high energy all around camp, our yoga instructors still facilitated class with breathing and mindfulness exercises.

Before lunch, several Senior Hill campers headed out on the first backpacking overnight trip of the summer to Stomper’s Knob! Lizzie B., Betsy J., Madeline W., Anna Katherine M., Grace V., Crawford W., Milley M., Candler J., Austin B. & Tori B. hit the trail with their packs ready to go. “I’m looking forward to spending time outside and hopefully making a campfire!” shared Anna Katherine before hopping in the van.

All of camp will be eagerly awaiting their return back tomorrow!

Lunch in the Tucker Inn was a classic – none other than chicken patties & curly fries! The kitchen staff really outdid themselves this time! We love to sing at camp & this meal was full of tribe songs and even a few birthday celebrations. Campers took some down time during rest hour and enjoyed their favorite snacks at trading post! Girls shared their highlights of the day thus far and challenged each other to the occasional tetherball match. In the back half of the afternoon, counselors finished up their final safety talks and overviews of skills. Kayakers learned their first wet exit skills and guitar practiced the perfect technique to introductory chords. Overall, activities were a hit!

Our last meal of the day together held several exciting announcements! Results from sock war came in with Iroquois as the winner and Seminoles winning spirit points. Campers enjoyed their rice krispies desserts while anxiously awaiting the start of the Apache Race. This evening activity brings each member of the tribe together in a camp-wide relay including more than 15 different activities! At the end of the day, campers from all three tribes still walked back up to their cabins loving each other just the same.

I am so grateful the Lord has blessed us with such a wonderful place like Merri-Mac to call our home. Taps has rung and your girls are resting up for another great day to come! Thank you for sharing them with us this summer.

First, Last & Always

Heather R.

Rainbow Counselor

Proud Seminole