This morning Merri-Mac campers rubbed there eyes and stirred in their beds in response to another wonderful day and that lay ahead of them. It was a good day to have a good day! Each camper spent an hour cleaning until their cabin looked spotless, as every cabin in each division is in competition for the cabin cake, waking up to clean becomes an exciting part of the day! Their smiles only grew when they saw “geometry breakfast,” which consists of circle eggs, sausage, and hash browns that can be placed in a biscuit.

A few campers decided to join in on a breakfast hike, including the Temple twins Sarah and Savannah, who claimed the hike to Lookout Mountain took their breath away! They enjoyed the view over a bowl of cereal and good conversation.

As soon as the chapel bell rang with a resounding “DING!” every camper rushed in to grab a seat on the well-loved and inviting green benches that line the aisles of our beautiful chapel. Lainey G. and Hunter W. strummed their guitar strings and each camper sang the pharaoh song at the top of their lungs, as if they wanted their praises to reach the heavens! Heather Ryan shared a message that stuck to the hearts of all that opened their ears to her this morning, and each camper left the chapel knowing that they were beautifully and wonderfully made by a God that adores them.

At lunch today, we celebrated Brooke C’s birthday! Happy birthday, Brooke! She blew out the candles on her cake and was sung happy birthday and camp’s new rendition of happy birthday, “the birthday rap.” Todays lunch was a “sub”marine sandwich, a new camp favorite! Tonight’s evening activity lifted spirits even more than the sun’s appearance, it was announced we would be having an ice cream party following our white feather ceremony!

It is impossible not to smile when the sun comes following cold and rainy days. The cold gives us a greater appreciation for the sunshine, which was evident in the way every girl on the dock eagerly jumped in the water during free swim. Lake Doris was a joyous sight to see as campers  who blobbed soared over Lake Doris and divers, such as Madeline perfected her inward dive. Elise B. said her favorite part of the day was hopping in her kayak and playing a game of paddle ball!

Cooking created delicious sliders, Paws walked the puppies around camp, and Pottery learned how to master the wheel. In DIY, everyone gathered in the DIY room and created journals to they can use record memories of their favorite moments at Camp Merri-Mac.

There is a beauty in the white feather ceremony. Girls gather around the damp fire with the teepee in view, and are recognized by counselors and friends for their leadership. This special ceremony serves as a reminder for every girl at camp that each of them is unique and encourages them to strive for growth.

As I write, I can hear the excited voices of every girl as they anxiously wait for the ice cream party to commence. The otherworldly mountains and rivers of Western North Carolina provide a stunning view at sunset, which each camper was able to enjoy with a big bowl of chocolate or vanilla ice cream. At the end of beautiful days such as these, I am reminded of the reason I call Merri-Mac home. I am so excited to share this place and the beauty it holds for each of your girls and with you in this article.


I hope you see God in the buzzing bees that bumble around your ice cream cone

The one that drips down your hand and sticks to your fingers for the rest of the day

Each summer evening is a reminder of the peace we are created to feel

As golden hour approaches and the sun melts away

As the moon comes out and shooting starts begin to play

I hope you hear God in the humid night-time rain

I hope you hear God whisper that He loves you always

-Elizabeth “Biscuit” Chandler


White Feather 1F

First Week 2017


Carlin J.

Islamae M.

Iris Y.

Lilly N.

Eliza R.

Addison T.

Keturah W.

Meredith S.

Emily M.

Emma L.

Madeline W.

Stella M.

Kate N.

Rebecca S.

Adalaide W.

Anna G.

Meredith H.

Rebecca P.


Brooke C.

Madison H.

Cecelia B.

Zelle W.


Laine M.

Quinn S.

Meredith W.

Adeline P.

Elizabeth A.


Rachel B.


Samantha P. 

Julia Y.

Sydnie C.

Charlotte G.

Elizabeth N.

Avarie A.

Hannah S.

Savannah T.

Chacey C.

Margaret J.

Ava M.

Crazy Creek:

Madison J.

Enley M.

Marlo R.

Cooper K.

Audrey M.

Avarie A.

Long Bow:

Lucy B.

Merrill S.

Ruthann S.

Running Deer:

Emily B.

Red Tail:

Emily B.