Today marks one full week of camp! This week has been filled with community, adventure, new skills, and growth. Campers have locked down their daily routines and are enjoying the simplicity of camp. Today we woke up refreshed and ready to conquer the week after a restful Sunday.

It’s “America Monday,” which means camp was filled with red, white, and blue colors all day! The Sunnyside cabin started off our morning very patriotically by getting everyone in the dining hall to sing “I’m Proud to be an American.” In Chapel today we talked about what Jesus asks of us. The scripture that accompanied the message was Luke 14 — more specifically, the parable of the Great Banquet.

Our camp activities were back into full swing this morning. All of our activities strive to teach technical skills to each camper. In Mountain Biking campers learned how to change flat tires and how to fix a broken chain. In Backpacking campers learned how to tie a bowline and taught line hitch in order to successfully set up a sturdy tarp. In Soccer campers worked on foot skills and shooting, they ended the day with a game of power and finesse. In Horseback Riding the riders learned how to post and trot. In Kayaking our paddlers learned to perfect their strokes, t-rescues, and rolls. In Diving our divers continue to work on their three step approach, tuck dives, and many others. In Climbing campers learned backpackers coil, figure 8 follow through, double fishermen’s knot, and had the opportunity to work on the traverse wall routes. In Pottery our potters put their first pieces in the kiln. And as always, our archers in Archery continue to get bullseyes! These are just a few things that happened in our activities today. I assure you all that our other classes were jam-packed with tons of fun, too!

One of the things that we as a camp strive to excel at is our trips. Trips are a tangible way campers get to apply their acquired skills into the real activity. Today we had many trips go out. Kayakers Elise B., Catherine D., Audrey S., Millie M., and Natalie C. paddled their way down the Lower Green. Comet counselor and leader of the trip, Elizabeth C., said the girls had a great day and learned a lot! Mountain Bikers Gabriella C., Ellie H., Molly M., Kate S., and Allie M road the trails around Lake James. Cloud Nine counselor, Emily K., said the mountain biking trip was a huge success! The girls even got to swim at the lake! Tonight we have backpackers Sarah T., Savannah T., Colman F., Lainey M., Charlotte P., Olivia W., Rauri O., Caroline H., Ella R., Anna G., Elle W., Clara H., and Zelle W., hiking up to the Shelter on the Tomahawk Trail for an overnight. Rumors say they are going to be making some very delicious meals! Perhaps some s’mores, too? Another backpacking trip is going out for Solo 13’s. The girls who will be conquering the Solo 13’s are Mary E.B., Claire J., Lauren M., Margaret B., and Emma D. These girls will be earning a mark towards White Feather after completing their Solo’s. We are incredibly proud of them!

As America Monday comes to an end, the Seminoles, the Iroquois, and the Choctaw are battling it out to a game of Tribal Trivia! Today has been filled with new adventures for all of your girls. As evening activity is ending, all of our campers will be heading to their cabins for post-evening activities. These post-evening activities include the slip’n’slide, s’mores, laser tag, free swim, s’mores, and possibly raiding trading post? Shh!

In just one week we have seen an immense amount of growth in each of your children. We are eager to see what this next week has in store. Thank you again for sharing your children with us, they are a blessing to us all!


In Christ,

Kristie G.

Blue Heaven Counselor

Proud Iroquois