Another beautiful week has passed here at Camp Merri-Mac. The girls are in their element with their friends new and old. As the day begins girls are up and about laughing and playing tether ball. The birds are chirping and campers are gathered playing the ukulele. The first Sunday at camp has arrived.

Every one get excited! Cinnamon rolls and coffee cake for breakfast. Eat, clean up, sing… TAYLOR SWIFT IS ON SPOTIFY!!! We sing and dance to “Love Story” while each cabin gets their group picture made. Each girl so beautiful and unique in their own way. Now, it’s off to chapel to sing some fun tunes and watch a cute skit on the story of Esther by Rainbow cabin. Great job girls! Woohoo free time! As I walked through camp I visited each cabin to see what everyone was up to. There are girls painting each others nails, making post cards, and just spending sweet time together.

To lunch we go! Chicken, potatoes, and green beans. Announcements, Announcements, Announcements… VESPER tonight!! Each girl is up out of their seats with excitement. Now we’re off to rest hour, ahhhh. After everyone is refreshed we’re ready to go have some more fun. Lake Doris, here we come! As I look out, all the girls are giggling and having the time of their lives, diving, kayaking, paddle boarding, and being blobbed. Sweet, sweet friendships are overflowing as the day continues.

Now it’s time for dinner. COOKOUT! One of the best ways to start the end of an amazing Sunday at camp Merri-Mac. There are hot dogs, hamburgers, watermelon, and pasta salad, YUUUUMMMM! Each girl is gathered around the yard with big smiles filled with good watermelon.

Vesper has arrived. Every one, counselors, kids, and directors gather in the chapel to see what some of the staff have prepared for this already fun day. Guitars, spoons, washboards and singing fills the air as we all sing “Wagon Wheel” to the top of our lungs. Skits are performed and everyone is dying of laughter. The band comes up again, now it’s time to wind down with some worship. As everyone sings the chapel is filled with the Lord, and another beautiful day has come to an end. Merri-Mac is slowing down and the girls are off to bed. Thank you Lord for another wonderful Sunday at camp.

From, Hannah L.
PAWS instructor