Campers emerged from their cabins this Tuesday morning and walked down the hill in the misty mountain air. Belgian waffles was on the menu board at Tucker Inn and the campers quickly doused their breakfast delicacy in maple syrup. The girls moved from filling their tummies, to filling their hearts with songs of praise as they sang “Spring Up Oh Well” with much enthusiasm and listened to another true story from Adam at chapel.

As the misty haze lifted off of Lake Doris, the sun joined camp for first activity. Girls in paws enjoyed a sunny walk with the pups in tow and drama practiced lively skits outside of their usual class room. When asked what her favorite thing about camp was Charlotte P. said “Everything of course! But my favorite activity is paws!”

Cooking baked chocolate cake and milkshakes while fitness and tennis worked on strenuous circuits and drills to improve their form.

As the lunchtime rolled around, so did the thunder clouds. An accurate “Thor Guard” thunder and lightening detector let the girls know that it was not okay to be in the water or on any open fields. Soccer, swimming, kayaking and other related activities played it safe in covered areas around camp and still had an adventurous time.

A camp favorite- Taco in a Bag was for lunch and evening activity was announced! Merri Christmas Eve Merri-Mac! Santa, Mrs. Claus and an Elf visited the dining hall to belt out “All I want for Christmas is you” in extreme excitement.

As Christmas eve comes to a close, all of the cabins will return to the hill for carols sung by their counselors. Today has been filled with growth and anticipation for the coming days at camp. All of us here can not wait for more amazing days like this one with your amazing girls.

All is calm and bright here at Merri-Mac.

And to all a good night!

Love, Zena D.