Another day at camp began with blueberry pancakes and silly songs. The girls headed to chapel and listened to another true story from Mattie Y. about one of her experiences as a camper. The story of forgiveness was relayed back to the Word and good news of God’s mercy. The misty morning morphed into the sunniest one we have had here in Black Mountain this week, just in time for Tribe Fest. The girls engaged in a variety of tribal games such as swim relays, “Battleball” (dodgeball), and “Tribal Trash Pick Up.” Healthy competition and an encouraging atmosphere is celebrated and cherished here at Merri-Mac. Tribal cheers rang throughout the valley as the girls experienced new things and grew in friends and adventure. After lunch the girls returned for a restful WHOLE HOUR in their cabins!

Choctaw won battle ball and Iroquois won Tribal trash pick up. The winners of Swim Fest games are to be determined!

After years of dedication and hard work Sunny-side camper Julia P. earned her White Feather, the highest rank awarded in our White Feather ceremony. These ceremonies celebrate an array of awards and accomplishments campers can earn here at camp, from going on out-of-camp trips to being named as her cabin-mates as exceptionally kind and helpful. Congratulations, Julia!

A kayaking trip returned from the Lower Green just in time for dinner. Camper Gabriella K. said, “I was a little nervous at first because it is my first year kayaking. But the staff made me feel safe and I am super glad I went.” Sixteen campers embarked on a rafting trip to the French Broad Section 9, while another trip of girls twelve girls left after dinner to sleep at the Shelter, a camping spot off of the Tomahawk trail near camp.

The girls have now ventured up the hill to battle it out one last time for the day in a game of sock war!!
A much needed restful night after evening activity is expected.

Go Noles!
All the love,
Zena D.
Little Dipper Counselor
DIY Instructor