It was a beautiful foggy morning today at Merri-Mac! Todays breakfast included tasty biscuits and jam, hash browns, and eggs, followed by a grand amount of singing. Although the day was filled with continuous rain, activities were in full swing! Backpackers learned to hang tarps, kayakers practiced their roll, swimmers mastered their strokes, and chefs made use of the new Patti-O grill for making pizza.

Pizza was popular today at camp, for kitchen staff also made delicious pizza for lunch. After lunch was finished, Mackenzie P. and Katherine M. were recognized for achieving their  gold bar in climbing! PAWS, the puppy training class, took the puppies for a walk around camp while the horseback riders rode around camp. Rain or shine, Lake Dorris was filled with enthusiastic swimmers, kayakers, and canoers. All around camp girls were having fun learning new skills and growing through friendship.

Today was a busy day for trips! Three girls, including Sophie M, Audrey S, and Natalie C. paddled the Upper Green and had a blast. Meanwhile at camp, lots of hungry girls poured into the Tucker Inn for dinner: Mexican casserole and churros for dessert  Afterwards, the girls began playing tribal Minute to Win It! After the evening activity has finished, cabins will spend time together and participate in devotions. During cabin “devo”, campers and their counselors reflect on the message presented in chapel. Then it’s time for the girls to shower, brush their teeth, and get a good nights sleep for another great day at Camp Merri-Mac!


Signing off,

Eiley M.