Camp Article// June 16, 2017

Another morning came and went at Camp Merri-Mac, and while the day is almost done, the fun certainly is not!

The most exciting part of closing day is the moment each camper’s face lights up as the hug their parents and immediately introduce them to all of their camp friends. They then dive straight into the re-telling of all of their favorite camp stories and adventures. It is difficult to watch campers leave this haven, but it is a comfort to know they are bringing the laughter, joy, and growth they experience here to their homes to brighten the lives of others.

After our full session campers waved their last good-byes, they gathered in tucker in for sloppy joe’s and an afternoon full of beautiful renditions of classic disney songs and Taylor Swift. Kate R. said the best news she’s heard about life outside of camp is the reappearance of Taylor Swift’s songs on Spotify. I think every girl at camp can agree with that! We ended lunch with a conga-line to “Love Story,” and the girls moseyed up the hill for rest hour as it began to drizzle. Rest hour was spent in warm beds with letters and books in hand as the rain pitter- pattered on the roof.

Every camper participated in various activities including archery, pottery, cooking, DIY, and PAWS. Leslie, our head cooking instructor, sang along to disney songs with the campers as they pulled four fresh loaves of chocolate-chip banana bread out of the oven. The girls hovered over the warm plate of bread as banana-chocolate scent wafted in the air, and Lizzie B. claimed it was the perfect rainy afternoon. The puppies enjoyed the rainy weather as campers including Kathryn N. and Mary Raines A. chased them around the Ranch in an attempt to snuggle with their warm fur on a chilly day!

Due to the weather forecast, we will watch Toy Story in Tucker Inn tonight in honor of Juliana’s Princess Party! It has been a full day, and tomorrow we will wake up to have another exciting day of energy, enthusiasm, and more campers! Each day at Merri-Mac is a gift, just like each of your children are to us.

For those parents whose daughters departed from camp today, thank you for sharing your loved ones with us, and thank you for allowing them to experience this blessed place. I pray you all arrive home safely and I hope you all got a glimpse of heaven your girls experienced every day in this wonderful place.

From this Haven,

Elizabeth “Biscuit” Chandler