Camp Article// June 18, 2017

This morning the staff woke up to a very misty morning, the suns rays beaming through the clouds and making camp seem magical. We awoke with our full session campers and drifted down to the kitchen to stuff ourselves in preparation for this great day ahead. After this we had a bit of downtime, then session 1B started to pull in!

Excitement rushing through the counselors to meet their new campers and get everything situated. Taking a walking around camp, one could see campers reunite and start to recap the past year to all their cabin-mates, and thankfully the rain held off! Parents seemed to enjoy strolling through camp, returners and new alike, with looks of joy on their faces, some even envious of where their kids are going to stay for the next two weeks.

Opening went smoothly, and once all the campers had said their see you in two weeks, camp was underway. Starting it off with down time in the cabins to meet one another, and get back into the groove of this place. Evening drew closer, meaning the weekly Sunday fried chicken and mashed potatoes was something to be anticipated. After downing healthy amounts of fried chicken (which, I’m not sure how much that actually is…) we headed up to initiation, getting painted up and marching towards the fire ring is one of the most special moments of camp.

While at the ring, many were brought into the tribes!

For the Iroquois: Anne B, Cadence L, Margaret W, Meseret N, Hannah K, Mary K, Abigail P, and Adeline H.

Seminoles: Lillian B, Elanor W, Cate C, Caroline C, Lila G, Harper L, Annette L, Liliana E, Ruby E, Ava P, Jayne A, and Ashby T!

Choctaw: Lucy C, Caroline F, Ellie H, Ella B, Madison K, Adair L, Zoe F, and Makenzie W!

Welcome, all.

As this opening day comes to a close, one could hear the campers nervous excitement buzzing throughout the cabin, anticipation what tomorrow will bring.

Proud Seminole,

Maddy Mallory