Happy Sunday!  It was clearly a happy day here at camp as evidenced by all the extra free time, girls dressed in white, and chapel songs at every meal.  After an extended chapel this morning where Adam retold the story of Mary and Martha and explained the individual nature with which God treats each of us, the girls went into the ABCs of camp…

Archery: Today during morning free time, Abbie W. and Anna F. worked on their silver bars while Kathryn C. and Sarah Lil P. worked on their bronze bars.  Sarah Lil completed her first box on her score sheet!

Basketball: During afternoon free time, Sophie M. earned a mark by hosting a 2v2 basketball tournament.

Catawba Falls: Between lunch and dinner, the girls in Dreams Begin and Dreams End took a trip to Lower Catawba Falls.  Sources say it was a great time and had beautiful views!

Dance: During free time, many girls practiced their dances for fine arts night.  “We’re pumped for “Fine Arts Night!”  “Our dance is to ‘It’s a Beautiful Day’ by Michael Buble,’” said Molly K.  Adair L. also got her bronze bar in dance!

Earning bars in volleyball: Many girls worked on their bars in volleyball during free time today, but a special congratulations goes out to Blair R. for earning her bronze bar!

Fencing: During afternoon free time, Mary Susan S. and Holladay M. worked hard on their silver bars.

Guitar: After chapel, the girls in Blue Heaven had a great time in their cabin playing the guitar, making friendship bracelets, and doing magic card tricks. They subsequently enjoyed a photo shoot on the Blue Heaven-Moonmist porch.

Hamburgers and Hotdogs: Tonight was cookout, so instead of eating a regular dinner in the dining hall, the girls ate hamburgers and hotdogs outside on the green.  A special thanks goes out to the CITs for serving everyone!

Iced Cinnamon Rolls: For breakfast this morning, the girls enjoyed iced cinnamon rolls.  Blue Heaven thought they were especially yummy, as their cabin ate 90.5 rolls!

Jump in the lake!: This afternoon, most of the campers enjoyed free swim in Lake Doris.  They got to jump on the blob and use the diving boards, which is always a treat.

Kayaking: This afternoon, many girls were in their boats working on their bronze bars including Ashby T, Audrey G, Emily T, Sarah Caulley S.

Lake Tomahawk: This morning Sunnyside and Sundrop cabins took a trip to Lake Tomahawk to walk around and take beautiful pictures.  Mary Elizabeth B. called it “an amazing moment to start off our last week together.”  Lizzie B. said “it was really relaxing.”

Milky Way: This morning after chapel, Milky Way spent the morning playing Uno, writing letters, and enjoying each other’s company.

Naps: As Sunday is a day of rest, everyone (especially the older campers and counselors) enjoyed a full hour of rest hour to nap and rejuvenate.

Out of this world: Tonight the Sunnyside, Sundrop, Dreams Begin, and Dreams End campers enjoyed Sunny-Dreams Prom.  The theme was the future, so all the girls came down to dinner with their hair in buns and wearing shiny clothes.

Perfect Cabin Score: Today Tweedle Dee got a perfect 10 for cleaning their cabin!  Congrats ladies!

Quite an adventure: Mary Dudley C, Ansley D, Liliana E, and Ryan S. had quite an adventure while water skiing during most of the day.

Rainbow: After chapel, all the Rainbow girls gathered in their cabin to play an intense game of Uno.

Soccer Tournament: During afternoon free time, Marina H, Cooper K, and Brooke B. all earned marks for hosting a 3v3 soccer tournament.

Tennis: During morning free time, Mary Paige S, Lillie A, and Sarah B. all worked on their bronze bars while Mary M. and Elizabeth W. worked on their silver bars.

Unicorn: Samantha F. brought a giant, inflatable unicorn down to free swim.  Many girls enjoyed playing with the raft.

Vespers: During our evening activity, Vespers, the girls sang both popular songs and chapel songs and watched silly skits performed by their counselors.  Then Camp Timberlake Director John spoke about how God always knows his plan for us.

Writing Add-ons: Just as each cabin has a cabin song, each cabin has the opportunity to write an add-on to it’s song.  During morning free time, Dreams Begin and Dreams End got together to write an add-on to the tune of various popular rap songs.

EXtra Rested: The girls got a little extra sleep today, as reveille went off at 8:00 instead of 7:00.  I’m fairly certain no one was complaining about the extra hour in bed.

Youngest Campers: Some of our youngest campers, the girls from Tweedle Dot, set up their bunks as a shop during morning free time.  Rumor has it, you can get some great calligraphy from Elizabeth S!

Zig Zag: The Tweedle Dee girls were running in zig zags as they played tag and colors while patiently awaiting a yummy dinner!

From this Haven,

Mary Catherine C.
Extremely Proud Seminole
Tweedle Dot Counselor
Riflery Instructor