Saturday morning, girls put on their sweatshirts before doing morning chores and heading down to breakfast. They ate french toast sticks and sausage and then headed up the hill for chapel. After hearing a funny story with a neat lesson from Adam, the girls were ready to start the day.

In cooking, the girls made delicious mac and cheese, as well as hot dogs, which they cooked on the outside grill. Guitar class practiced their skills while jamming out to their favorite songs. The girls did climbing at the Upper Tower on Spencer’s Green. In PAWS the girls had a blast washing and playing with the puppies. In archery, Madeline W. shot a bullseye on her second try ever! Way to go!

Lunch today was the well-loved meal of mini corn dogs and mac and cheese. When the girls went back to their cabins during rest hour, the cabin princesses were announced by a gift on the girls’ pillow. Each princess then went to the Mike to start rehearsing for Juliana R’s princess party! Juliana, a Counselor-In-Training this summer, was elected by the camp to embody the spirit of camp last summer, and she will direct a play with these cabin princesses as the cast!

The weather warmed up during the day and was perfect for Sunnyside’s special trip! The girls went to Max Patch and had a great time together! With the tribal chiefs out all day, tonight’s evening activity was Cabin Night, and every cabin had fun doing something special together. Some cabins roasted smores over a campfire, and hung out singing songs on the tennis courts. Big Dipper and Moonmist walked up to the Council Ring to roast cinnamon rolls!

After evening activities, the girls got ready for bed and went to sleep. It was another great day!


Lila B.

Pottery Instructor

Big Dipper Counselor