Happy first day of activities from session 1B!  Many of our newly initiated campers came to breakfast wearing their paint or their new tribe jerseys.  At tribe meetings, the campers practiced tribe songs and talked about personal points.  During chapel, Lainey G. spoke about how God treats us with grace and love in our failures.

Today was filled with safety talks, introductions, and name games (shout out to Backpacking class for having the most fun name game- called The Animal Game!).  In cooking, campers baked snickerdoodles, and in pottery, the girls made pinch pots to practice their clay shaping skills.  Climbing met outside the Mike and the girls learned climbing commands, practiced knots, and started climbing on the traverse wall.  In yoga, Kelly talked about how practicing yoga can help us keep our minds on God.  And in fencing class, counselors acted out safety rules in a very exciting game of charades.  

We celebrated two birthdays at lunch: Anne and Christine M. in Tweedle Doe! The birthday girls got cakes to share with their cabin and the whole dining hall sang Happy Birthday and the Merri-Mac Birthday Rap.

All of the tribes banded together against the counselors for a crowd-favorite game: base jumping! The campers carried “secret messages” to special spots in camp while avoiding counselors who could tag them out.  Everyone had a great time, and the rain held out until just after the game! Tweedle Dum made s’mores at the backpacking hut afterwards- a little (or a lot) of rain could not keep us from enjoying those tasty treats!


Anna Mueller

Tweedle Dum Counselor