It’s another beautiful day in Merri-Mac! This morning, after the campers reorganized and cleaned their cabins, they came down to Tucker Inn to be greeted with the sweet taste of breakfast coffee cake and baked oatmeal. Campers then went to chapel to sing and hear about God as their Protecter.

As always, activities thrived throughout Merri-Mac! In riding today, girls were navigating difficult bounce combinations with firm control of the reins and the horses. In backpacking, Rachel C. taught fellow campers how to put up a sturdy tarp that could protect someone from the heaviest of rains. In the Enchanted Barn, girls of all ages exercised their artistic skills in DIY and pottery. DIY continued with friendship bracelets, and in pottery girls begun glazing their creations. Nearby, you could smell the enticing pizza that the cooking classes were creating. Campers in Yoga were relaxing, stretching, being still, and reflecting about Christ and their personal relationship with Him.

Merri-Mac girls kept the puppies occupied in paws class! These pups were taught some new tricks today. Then, they went on a walk all the way down to the Wishing Well to visit the nurses, who always love a visit. Later, the girls took the dogs up on Spencer’s Green to run around and play. The Merri-Mac girls and dogs both had so much fun!

After a delicious lunch of Greek pitas, camp was hit with some hard bursts of unexpected rain. The evening activity was moved into the Tucker Inn so as girls compete for their tribes they can stay nice and dry! We all can’t wait for another awesome day of fun tomorrow in this Happy place we call Merri-Mac.

Anne D.

CIT and proud Tweedle Dee helper