Happy Fourth of July Merri-Mac! It’s second full day of camp and that means it’s the last day of safety talks and name games. Campers were greeted this morning with the smell of French toast and sausage as they came down the hill for the campwide picture and then breakfast. A quick change was needed before breakfast so the girls could change out of their whites and into America clothing to celebrate FREEDOM! Today is all about America, and the Sunnysiders decided to sing songs that fit the theme at breakfast and lunch.

With the second round of activities beginning today, girls got to meet new friends in each class. Cooking made snickerdoodles again today. Backpacking went over “Leave no Trace” and played name games to get to know each other. Pottery made some awesome slab plates. DIY craft made bead bracelets and necklaces, which seem to be the popular trend for girls this summer. Fitness was working hard in the lodge while Yoga took it easy meditating and learning new poses at the chapel.

As lunch time rolled around the girls were still festive as ever in their red, white, and blue clothes and paint. Lunch today was “taco in a bag” which is a huge favorite for most, and since it is such a special occasion, there were red, white, and blue popsicles for dessert!

After rest half-hour, the girls ran to Trading Post and got some candy. During free time after Tweedle Dot and Tweedle Dum put on a fashion show for anyone who wanted to watch, but they specifically invited the Sunnysiders, who cheered them on with joy.

With third period starting, Drama played some fun games and Riflery learned the basics of shooting and got to try it out. The girls in PAWS got to meet the sweet six puppies and were assigned one for the week. The Tweedles in second period Riding got to ride the horses bareback, meanwhile Climbing learned knots got to climb the Traverse wall outside the Mike.

After dinner the girls sang state songs and played in color war. Four teams: one red, one white, one blue, and one staff, all played four games. The idea of the game is to grab the sock hanging from a girl on one of the opposing teams (which gives you one point), and to take the flags out of their circle in their area (which gives you ten points for each flag).

God bless America and God bless camp!


Go ‘Taw!
Counselor in training,
Mairin M.