There is no such thing as the Monday Blues here at Camp Merri-Mac! The girls began their day by cleaning their cabin to perfection to attain a perfect ten on cabin scores, before heading to breakfast. The girls devoured their scrambled eggs, bacon, potatoes, and biscuits. After the meal, the girls headed to chapel, where Emily K. explored the topic of “who is God.” From here, the tribes headed to tribe meetings and the tribal leaders taught the younger girls a few tribal songs!

There were a few trips out today! Bailey Z., Kate B., Ashley Lauren J., Mae H., Libby M., Patterson G., Claire H., Ava W., Lizzie H. woke up early to take a morning yoga hike to Craggy Gardens.  Drake M., Ivy C., Virginia C., Everly H., Hailey F., Alex Anne W., and Scout L. began a two-night over-night trip for backpacking class. Riley M., Janie H., Kelsey W., Glory W., Riley P., Nora Q., and Kennedi G. went on a canoeing trip!

In our classes, the girls were introduced to their Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule. We began classes with safety talks and then jumped right into the activity. In cooking, the girls made scrumptious homemade biscuits and my favorite, pumpkin spice biscuits. So delicious! In riding, the girls loved getting to meet all the horses and ride them around the ring. Soccer, volleyball, and basketball sparked a competitive edge in the girls, and riflery and archery taught the girls accuracy and precision. In Paws, the girls were assigned their puppy and gave them all the love and attention a dog could ever ask for! On the dock, the girls in kayaking showed off their rolls and other tricks, while the girls in diving practiced incredible dives.

At lunch, the girls enjoyed meatball subs and pasta salad, before screaming their tribe songs. Then, they headed back to their cabins for rest time to patiently await Trading Post: everyone’s favorite supplier of candy and soda. Then, the girls headed to their 3rd and 4th activities. At dinner, we had pork loin, potatoes, and peas. But the highlight of the meal was dessert, the most coveted smores pockets!

After dinner and cabin songs, the girls ran up to the Mike to begin Battle Ball, the most intense game of dodge ball you will ever see in your life! Hopefully the Staff will be able to pull out a win against the Sunnysiders and Dreams girls! After Battle Ball, the girls will spend time with their cabin and finish the wonderful day with devotions before bed. It was a happy Monday for all!

From this haven,

Margaret Virgin