It has been a Merri first day of August here at Merri Mac! The girls started off their day waking up to the morning bugle and doing their chores, singing and laughing with their cabin mates. They worked hard to keep their perfect cabin scores competing for the next cabin cake. The girls then headed to breakfast to have the amazing baked oatmeal and blueberry muffins that the girls absolutely adore. This led them straight into camp songs led by Sunnyside which they all so enthusiastically sing and stomp to, making the dining hall smile and laugh on this glorious morning. The girls then head to chapel where we get to sing Pharaoh, Pharaoh Baby, which is followed by the camp hymn and a wonderful message by Biscuit. The girls are then released to go to their tribe meetings where they learn new tribe songs and chants such as IROQUOIS is number one and don’t you forget! SEMINOLE pride! SEMINOLE power! And GO CHOCTAW! After tribe meetings the girls head to their first and second activity periods.

On Lake Doris the girls enjoy some canoeing, kayaking, and swimming while listening to fun background music. In PAWs they team up with their partners and play with the puppies and then take them for a walk around camp. Cooking is fun with all the batter and icing as the girls make chocolate cupcakes. YUUUM! Up at archery and Riflery the girls learn accuracy and precision as they work on their bars. Climbing is at the upper tower doing fun belaying techniques and getting to the top of the wall without falling. Drama and dance work on monologues and pirouettes. Meanwhile, guitar is learning new chords and songs to play for chapel.

At lunch we had the infamous taco in a bag, one of the girls all time favorites! After, Sunnyside led the girls in rounds of disney songs, so naturally everyone was screaming the lyrics to the top of their lungs. Once the disney songs ended the girls filed in chanting their tribe cheers and we gathered to sing to the princess Gracie R..

The girls then headed to rest time #besttime for a little while before heading to the most treasured part of camp: Traypo (the land of candy, chips, and soda!!) After the long lines at TrayPo died down the girls headed to their third and fourth period activities. In riding the girls learn how to move up and down with the horse as well as go on adventurous walks with them around camp. Backpacking learned how to tie knots which was demonstrated by a human knot made up by the whole backpacking class, SO COOL! In DIY the girls made cute flower crowns, which made each one look like little princesses.

Once at dinner the girls ate some nice poppyseed chicken casserole and broccoli which was followed by delicious chocolate cake. The girls then ended dinner by singing their cabin songs and heading to the evening activity (Base Jump). Base Jump started with a boom and the girls ran and played trying to not get caught by one of the counselors. The tribes competed for spirit and game points ending in so much cheer. After Base jump the girls head to their cabins to have post evening activities and devotions with their cabin, ending the day in a sweet, sweet communion with friends, counselors, and Jesus.

This August 1st couldn’t have been better!


In Christ,

Hannah Lancaster