Radio Host: Good morning, and welcome to Merri-Mac Radio: Tribe Fest Edition! Today, we will be interviewing some of our very own campers and staff members. Before we get started, let’s take some time to explain what Tribe Fest looks like! Tribe Fest is a very special day at camp, because instead of going to our activities, we get to play tribal games all day! This allows the oldest campers to engage with and lead the younger girls, as well as rack up some major points for their tribe.

Our first game this morning is Gold Rush. Gold Rush is a game where golden items are hidden all around camp. The camper’s goal is to find the gold and put it into their tribes bucket without being tagged by a bandit (counselor). If the camper is tagged they must report to the judges table and both the camper and bandit must tell a story of why they need the gold more. With that being said, let’s welcome our first two campers to the air: Iroquois chief and Medman, Mary Julia G. and Grace C.

Radio Host: Hi, MJ and Grace, tell us why you think that the Iroquois tribe has what it takes to win Gold Rush.

Mary Julia: Well there is a lot of great competition today, but I am not worried for the Iroquois. I think our high energy and tribe spirit will give us a leg up in today’s tribe games.

Grace: I couldn’t agree more. Everyone looks great in their tribal jerseys and war paint!

Radio Host: You are definitely not wrong there! The Iroquois tribal spirit is undeniable today, and each girl seems to be ready to compete. Thank you girls for taking time to talk to us about the mighty Iroquois!

Next up we have the Choctaw chief and Medman joining us on the air. Please help me give a warm welcome to Gabby G. and Kayla S.

Radio Host: Hello ladies, how are you feeling heading into today’s tribal games?

Gabby: I couldn’t feel better! I am so confident in the Choctaw tribe! My country, my tribe, till the day I die!

Radio Host: I just talked to the Iroquois chief and Medman, and they seemed pretty confident as well. What do you have to say about that?

Kayla: The only gold that the other tribes will be able to find is in our hearts!

Radio Host: Well said, Kayla! Thanks for coming on the air today!

Radio Host: Last, but certainly not least, please welcome the Seminole chief and medman to the air, Keely W. and Morgan S. Welcome to the show ladies! Do you think the Seminole tribe has what it takes to take home a win today?

Keely: There is no doubt in my mind we have what it takes. We have been training for this day all session and I know we are ready.

Morgan: This morning in our tribe meeting we could barely get everyone to sit still they were all so excited. I think its safe to say we have this in the bag.

Radio Host: That’s all great to hear! Best of luck to the both of you!

[Short commercial break for a philly cheese steak lunch, rest hour, and trading post.]

Radio Host: Welcome back to Merri-Mac Radio! Next up, we are headed to the lake for Swim Fest! Up first we will hear from our evening activity director Sarah Kate P.

Radio Host: Hi Sarah Kate, today has been a busy day for you! How has your day been so far?

Sarah Kate: Today has been great! It’s like the Olympics at camp! I love watching the girls take risks for their tribe.

Radio Host: Out of all of the events today, what has been your favorite?

Sarah Kate: That’s a good question. If I had to pick one event I would have to say my favorite has been the belly flop contest. It gave us a break from the tribal heat and gave the girls a good laugh.

Radio Host: That’s a great choice! I think the campers would agree. Thank you for sharing with the audience today. Our final guest of the day is Senior Hill director Becca M. Welcome to the show, Becca. The last game of the day is sock war. How do you feel about tonights activity?

Becca: I’ve never seen anything quite like sock war. It’s incredibly difficult to retrieve the flag, and I love watching the camper’s and staff member’s determination and perseverance.

Radio Host: That’s awesome, Becca! Who do you think will win?

Becca: Well, as a loyal Choctaw I am going to back my tribe. You know what they say, we have win, pep, and loyalty, and we can’t be beat!

Radio Host: That’s wonderful to hear. That’s a wrap on interviews today folks, but throughout the day emails have been flooding in from staff about how tribe fest is going. I am going to read a few of my favorites!

Sunnyside counselor Grace H. wrote very highly of the tribal leaders: “I’m so proud to see the girls displaying incredible leadership capabilities. They are truly showing the younger girls a great example of sportsmanship!”

Soccer instructor Kristie G. also wrote in expressing high praises. “As a competitive girl, Tribe Fest is one of my favorite days. The girls have shown great teamwork and respect for their opponents. I am very impressed with our campers!”

Radio Host: Thanks for tuning in folks! Now the girls are to eat chicken, cheesy potatoes, and carrots for dinner. Another beautiful day has come to a close at Camp Merri-Mac, and we are looking forward to what the rest of this week holds. Thank you for sharing your girls with us this summer. We could not be more thankful to grow in our faith alongside of them. Tune in tomorrow for more Merri news! This is Rainbow counselor Olivia Wiggins signing off. This is goodnight and not goodbye!