Merri-Mac means family and family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten. A motto originating from Gracie Ray’s Lilo and Stitch themed Princess Party rings true throughout a Merri day at camp. Here in Black Mountain, friendships continue to deepen and strengthen through another adventure-filled day at camp.    


After a brief trip to France in the dining hall with a breakfast of fluffy French toast sticks, girls began the journey to the chapel. There, campers heard a story from Adam about freely and joyfully giving everything you have for that which you find beautiful. He challenged us to find Jesus so beautiful that giving up our lives was nothing to the relationship we would pursue.


After the ring of the first bugle. smoke rose up in tendrils from outside the Backpacking hut as girls learned fire-building, and smiles ensued as the backpackers-in-training were rewarded by cooking sugar-coated biscuits. Sizzling chicken greeted hungry camper’s ears as they sauntered into cooking class ready to make homemade chicken fajitas (parents- don’t worry about making dinner anymore, they have got you!). The twang of the bow and sighs of accomplishment that follow the thud of an arrow on the target are very common sounds indicative of the archery range. In drama, girls grow daily in confidence performing in front of their classmates, working to the ultimate gold status of performing a monologue in front of the entire camp. The girls of dance twirled and leapt as they learned new styles to express themselves.


After feasting on a camp classic lunch of taco in a bag it was time for a well-deserved rest followed by an arguably well-deserved Trading Post time. With new found energy from rest and sugar, camp activities commenced in full-swing.


The afternoon on the dock brought contentment as the sun rose and warmed the rest of camp up. A perfect day to splash in the water, kayaking played paddle ball, and swimming enjoyed the blob and diving boards. More than anything else, the dock was blessed by the presence of multiple fluffy, 4-legged bundles of joy wrapped safely in life vests. Campers and puppies both received a needed share of the wonders of Lake Doris.


The sounding of the bugle released girls from classes to rush up to cabins and change out of the classic camp-fit of athletic shorts and a tee-shirt to the dresses and beads announcing the arrival of the highly anticipated princess party. The evening concluded with treats from an ice-cream truck and reminders of family and friendship brought to us by Lilo and Stitch. I hear that Stardust might have a bit of extra candy coming to them from Trading Post, but that’s all I can say for now. I now have the urgent business of signing off to go find out for myself.


Good Night Merri Mac

And a hush fell over the camp,


Billie Niznik



Backpacking Instructor

Big star in Stardust

Big star in Merri Mac