What a happy Thursday here at Camp Merri-Mac! The girls started the morning with chicken biscuits and hashbrowns for breakfast and then headed up the hill to praise Jesus in our beautiful chapel by singing songs such as “Every Move I Make” and “How Great Thou Art!”

After Chapel, girls rushed back to their cabin to find out their cabin score, and 3A girls started packing up their belongs to sadly prepare for their departure tomorrow. To interrupt the no-fun packing, the bugle rang loud and proud for girls to go to their first class on this beautiful Thursday.

At the Camp Craft hut, campers were learning how to build a fire and were roasting delicious smores, a Camp Merri-Mac favorite! The smell of grilled chicken filled the air where girls were cooking sizzling chicken fajitas. Huge smiles were prominent while sitting knitting headbands in the Knitting Pavilion. In the Enchanted Barn, Pottery class was finishing up glazing their pots to take home tomorrow!

For lunch the wonderful kitchen staff made a favorite camp meal…PIZZA! Blue Heaven ate 102 pieces of pizza! All the fun makes our girls have a big appetite. Pizza was followed with campers standing and stomping on the benches singing their tribal songs.

After lunch, Sarah Kate P. had a very important announcement to make: THE CABIN CAKE WINNERS! Every week, the cabin with the best cabin cleanliness score gets awarded a cake. This is a big deal. We had three winners. Small Cabin Winner: Tweedle Dee! Medium Cabin Winner: Dream’s End! Large Cabin Winner: Moonmist!

After all the Cabin Cake excitement, the girls headed up to rest hour and were welcomed with a little bit of rain. But that didn’t stop the fun! On the dock, girls enjoyed free swim and blobbing. In gymnastics, girls were doing flips and tricks on the trampoline. Guitar was learning songs from the hit musical, “Hamilton.”

Tonight, we’ll head up to our White Feather ceremony, where girls are recognized for different areas of growth at camp. Check back on the blog tomorrow for a letter from Adam going into greater depth into that ceremony! Here are the awards given.

Counselor Commendations (awarded for character growth in the cabin by their counselors):

Lily K.Summer W.Daley C.Alice C.Lauren V.Ashley P.Grace L.Trista R.Caroline C.Sarah M.Ella Grace W.Olivia H.Alexandra J.McKinley L.Caroline M.Patterson G.Macie D.Marin D.Mary Kate F.Liza M.Kate S.Olivia C.Lucie K.Amelia L.Claire H.Janie C.River L.Allie S.Kate C.Caroline L.Callie J.Kate R.Keely W.Kate B.Eleanor P.Sofie H.Flannery P.Caroline G.Lucy D.Coco B.Regan M.Ila R.Nora F.Cecelia G., and Lauren D.

Camper Commendations (awarded for character growth in the cabin by their fellow cabinmates):

Lexi F.Adrianna B.Grace C.Sophia N.Mollie R.Aubrey A.Katherine J.Lainey J.Caroline C.Ava S.Julia B.Elizabeth W.Hollis B.Candler C.Caroline K.Heather C.Emily W.Annabeth M.Jillian V.Bays Q.Carly G.Lucie K.Claire R.Avery W.Adeline G.Kate A.Mary Elizabeth G.Martha P.Kate C.Spencer C.Bradley M.Bennett B.Sarah Katherine E.Bailey Z.Margaret Anne W.Caroline H.Wallace T.Polly M.Emma F.Helen G.Olivia W.Caroline M.Helen C.Libby F., and Allie J.

The following girls received promotions, earned by a certain number of marks. Marks are earned through things like commendations, bars in activities, and electives such as going on trips or hosting a tournament.

Groundhog: Lucy D.Polly M.Ali J.Emma F.Lauren D.

Bader: Regan M.Eleanor F.Helen C.

Arrow: Lily K.Aubrey A.Marin D.Kate C.Griffin B.Gigi N.Caroline S.Annabeth M.Bradley M.Grace L.

Crazy Creek: Kate O.Mollie R.Lauren V.Summer W.Ashley P.Caroline C.

Long Bow: Sophia N.

Running Deer: Hollis B.Alexandra J.Cici C.Amelia L.Emma P.Avery W.Ava W.Ava D.Candler C.Emily W.Carly G.Alexa L.Kate S.Lucie K.Bailey Z.

Red Tail: Ava D.Ava W.Sarah Katherine E.Lily T.Liza K.Lexie J.

Junior Feather: Keely W.

Four girls were awarded the highest rank of White Feather. Those girls are Corrina G.Margaret Anne W.Eleanor P., and Grace G.

Camp is SO great and I could not think of happier place to be. This is my 8th summer at camp, and I fall in love with this place more and more everyday. I’m forever thankful for the lessons I have learned, the friendships I’ve made, and the memories that I will hold with me for the rest of my life.
With Love from Merri-Mac,
Carley Margetts