Merri-Mac, we have truly saved our best for last! We are so excited to welcome in 3B campers today; the hugs between old friends and the sweet introductions of new friends show us that this session will be a great one. We loved meeting you as you explored camp and moved your daughters and loved ones into their new cabins. Tonight, all of the cabins are getting to know each other through “cabin talks,” and their unique cabin culture is beginning to form.

After you said your goodbyes, we plunged into Lake Doris for our swim test, fondly known as “Discover Doris.” Today was absolutely perfect weather, and we’re headed into a mild week of weather as well! The breeze stirred the ripples on the lake as your daughters swam their hearts out.

A scrumptious dinner of spaghetti and vegetables greeted us in the Tucker Inn. The dining hall was especially vibrant today as we sang our favorite songs and caught up with great conversation. We learned the traditional songs for our new cabins, which we’ll perfect over the session until we can truly own them as ours.

After dinner, we all headed up to the Council Ring, a special part of our property reserved for this event called Initiation. Tonight, all of our new campers became insiders as they were initiated into one of our three wonderful tribes, the Seminole, Iroquois, and Choctaw. These tribes are made up of girls from all ages at camp that compete together for the Banner, which will be awarded at our Closing Ceremonies! Tribes are special in that friendships can form between all age groups, so you’ll see one of our 16-year-old tribal leaders bonding with a new 6-year-old Tweedle. You don’t see that every day at home!

Initiation was truly wonderful tonight as each girl was called by name and welcomed into her new tribe with a stripe of paint on her face. Here are our new initiates and their tribes.

Seminole: Georgia H., Clover M., Georgia N., Alice N., Ashley S., Harper V., Reagan B., Payton C., Eva D., Anne M., Ella S., Cecilia G., Gracie H., Avery B., Emaline C., Emmy L. Katie W., Katherine S., Ella F., Eliza G., Kelsey G., Stella J., Ella M., Mya P., Stella G., Carmen M., Chloe V., and Evie B.

Iroquois: Sadie M., Maclaren M., Caroline B., Eva B., Evie B., Allison B., Jacqueline N., Leighandra R., Kennedy A., Elizabeth G., Leah G., Anna H., Ducara V., Sally M., Mallory B., Willia M., Lucy T., Allison F., and Avery J.

Choctaw: Caroline C., Ayla H., Dayton K., Grace G., Palmer M., Allie P., Grace D., Emmaline D., Zoe H., Ava H., Josephine M., Sophia S., Mae R., Anna S., Julia W., Abigail M., Maya S., and Sophie S.

Tomorrow, the tribal competitions toward the Banner will begin. Tonight, everyone has a home here in a cabin and a tribe, and we can’t wait to see our girls begin or continue their activities tomorrow! From our puppy training program, PAWS, to Diving, to Riding, to Pottery, we have something for every type of girl here, and their growth is just beginning here at camp. Thank you for trusting your young women with us, and check back here each evening for a new daily update!

In Christ,

Maddy Mallory
Social Media Director
Counselor-in-Training Director
University of Virginia ’17
Proud Seminole