Today, Camp Merri-Mac woke up to a glorious morning, full of sunshine and a cool breeze. This morning, we ate an all-time camp favorite meal for breakfast: baked oatmeal! What a great start to an amazing day. Once we finished breakfast, we sang some fun songs including “Be Kind,” “A-Wang,” and “A-ricka-bamboo.” Then we headed over to Chapel, where counselor Julia V. discussed the question “What does Jesus require of us?”. We sang the songs “How He Loves,” “I’ve got a river of life,” and “500 Miles,” which the girls loved.

Speeding forward a bit to after Chapel, the girls headed to their first classes of the day. In DIY, girls got to make and decorate beautiful memory boxes; the girls in Pottery class got to practice throwing on the pottery wheel, and also added finishing touches to their awesome slab mugs. In Yoga, the campers had the time to meditate and relax; yoga’s theme of the day was body image and viewing the body as God’s beautiful creation.

Not only were classes great, but so were trips! Many exciting trips got to go out this Saturday, including mountain biking, climbing, water skiing. What a perfect day it was for these trips—sunshine, beautiful clouds, and the wondrous smell of mountain air.

When lunch time came around, we enjoyed some mini corn dogs with strawberries and blueberries. Yum! After finishing our meal with singing tribal songs, the girls headed up to their cabins for a time to rest after all of the morning’s fun activities. After a relaxing Rest Time, the girls got to experience the amazing “Slide Saturday.” Every Saturday after the Trading Post closes, Camp Merri-Mac’s water slide opens up, making Saturdays the highlight of every camper’s week. During free time, Lake Doris was also filled with girls kayaking, practicing their skills outside of class with the awesome kayaking instructors.  

Once free time was over, the girls were eager to go to their afternoon activities. Today, the Cooking class learned how to make the delicious “Merri-Mac and Cheese” and “Pigs-in-a-blanket.” The Volleyball class practiced their passing and setting, and also learned how to spike the volleyball. The girls in PAWS enjoyed walking the sweet (and growing!) puppies around camp, as well as giving them baths and teaching them new tricks. With Fine-Arts-Night coming up around the corner, the girls in Dance and Drama have been practicing for the pieces they will perform on Fine-Arts. They are all so excited to share what they have been working so hard on with the rest of camp!

After Saturday’s classes had come to an end, the girls slipped into their tribal jerseys and headed down to dinner, which was scrumptious fajitas and enchiladas. And for desert? Churros, which were, without a doubt, a hit! At dinner, Adam Boyd introduced the newlyweds Mary Page and Will , who came to visit with their precious dog Sutton. After eating the delicious fajitas, the girls prepared for Saturday’s evening activity.  Tonight’s evening activity was the thrilling Inferno! Girls cheered with all of their hearts for their tribes, while also carrying a heart of good sportsmanship and kindness.

Overall, today was one of the best here at Camp Merri-Mac. This place is truly a gift from God; I see the Lord’s hand on Camp in a new way every day, and it is beautiful. Each girl here is a delight to camp, and she adds to the beauty and wonder of this place. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for tomorrow, and neither can the rest of Merri-Mac!



Alex Keene

Sunnyside Counselor

9th Summer at Camp Merri-Mac