It’s the second day of camp but the first day of activities! Woo-hoo! First, last night in the Stardust cabin we enjoyed having cabin talk and understanding the expectations at camp. We also really loved getting to know one another in our cabin and making so many new friends! When we woke up to the bugle this morning we made sure our cabin was nice and clean before we walked down to breakfast. As we enjoyed some french toast and sausage we all discussed what classes we were excited to start today at our table! After breakfast we sang a few songs, including one of my personal favorites “Good Good Father.” Then Zena D. delivered a great message on how God is always our leader and he will always direct and guide us exactly where we need to be. It was a beautiful reminder this morning.

Next, was our tribal meetings then it was time to go to our activities! The girls in cooking really enjoyed learning how to make chocolate chip pancakes. It always smells so good when you walk into the cooking class! Each class began with their safety talk before engaging in the fun because safety is extremely important here at camp! Daniella M. an archery instructor and first year staff member says her favorite thing about teaching archery is: “Helping the girls improve in archery and see them reach their goals!”

For lunch we enjoyed ham sandwiches, mac and cheese, and grapes. We talked about our favorite activity thus far this morning at the Stardust cabin tables! Then we wrapped up lunch by singing our tribal songs and walked up senior hill for rest hour. Rest hour is always so nice to have because we can recharge our energy for the second half of our day! Of course, everyone is waiting for the free time bugle and the girls all run down the hill in hopes of being the first in line at trading post. Free time is such a fun time to meet up with friends and share how each other’s day has been.

I also was eager to know what influenced Hunter W., a fencing and guitar instructor at camp, to get involved in fencing. She said that: “I got into fencing here at camp as a camper and I loved it because this was the only place I was able to practice fencing.” I thought that was so amazing how camp introduced her to a new activity that she loved and now can teach at camp!

Tonight, we played Base Jumping in the rain! The tribes had to deliver secret messages to their tribe mates without getting caught by a counselor! The rain wasn’t going to stop us from delivering these top-secret letters to win the banner! Emmerson S. a fifth year camper says her favorite thing about camp is the evening tribe games!

Savannah P.

Stardust Counselor

Proud Seminole ‘18