The bugle rang at 7:00am, but something was a little different than usual at Camp Merri-Mac. Our younger campers awoke to Sunnysiders, Dreams girls, Rainbow and Sunspot girls dressed in staff shirt and beaming with smiles. It was Staff Appreciation Day, and the girls were more excited than the counselors! The counselors slept in while the new “staff” woke up their assigned cabins and helped with cabin cleanup. They made sure the cabins were in tip top shape before heading down to breakfast. The counselors sat at Sunnyside tables while the “staff” sat with their campers and served breakfast which was French Toast and Bacon!! Yum! They even got to have coffee and tea as a special treat. The counselors led breakfast songs by singing “Boom Boom,” “The Three Bears,” and “The Princess Pat” all of which are camp favorites. Chapel followed breakfast, and Cameron P., fondly known as Cricket, earned her gold in guitar by playing and leading chapel.

Water adventures set out after breakfast. Kaitlin D., Marley G., Preston L., Holladay M., and Anne Marie S. all went water skiing. Arwin L., Lucy B., Taylor S., and Linlee T. kayaked down the mighty, mighty Tuckasegee River. Mary Dudley C., Emerson S., Ruari O., Mckenzie W., Glenys H., Anne M., Christine M., Emily A., Jordan W., and Carter K. all set off on an overnight canoeing trip destined to be incredible!

Back at camp, the “staff” threw themselves into teaching activities. In cooking, sliders were grilled up with a special sauce. In backpacking, girls drank water from the creek (don’t worry! They learned to filter it first). The lake was full of laughs as girls swam, canoed, and kayaked all around. Rachel C. taught many T-Rescues in kayaks to younger campers who loved her energy and cheers when they hip-snapped out of the water. Lunch was another camp favorite: Tacos-in-a-Bag!!!!!!! The “staff” sitting with Tweedles learned the true craziness of Tweedles and Tacos. They love it so much that food flies! Rest Hour (30 minutes) followed lunch and was so relaxing especially for the counselors. Sarah Rusu raved about a card game her Comet girls had taught her during Rest Hour. The rush to Tray Po was as frantic as ever, and the younger girls loved their “staff” eating candy with them and playing tether ball.

Activities continued with the Sunnysiders, Dreams girls, Rainbow and Sunspot girls switching what activities they taught so they could have experience teaching multiple activities. It rained a little bit, but the rain was welcome because it washed away the humidity. Delicious alfredo pasta was devoured for dinner then the girls headed off to Fine Arts Night to watch the many talents of our Merri-Mac girls. Aralia C. sang “If I were a Boy” and Hannah B. sang “One Flame.” Lucy C. and Carly S. did an original song and dance. Molly K. performed “Taylor the Latte Boy” for her gold in Drama. Presley T. sang “This Is Me.” The Merri-Mac Drama class acted out two skits which were hilarious. The Gymnastics class performed a tumbling routine. Mez N. sang “Firework.” Eli B. and Keke O. performed a skit. Ellie H. did some break dancing to “Thunder.” Pearce W. danced to “Rewrite the Stars.” Shelby Grace J. sang “When Will My Life Begin.” Emma D. danced to “Bills.” Izzy E. sang to her fellow campers. Grace D. danced to “I Can Only Imagine.” The Dance class was the big finale and danced to “The Greatest Showman Theme.” It was a fantastic Staff Appreciation Day, and we are so proud of our girls and their leadership.

Margaret Patton

Kayaking Counselor

Proud Seminole