As the last days of 1B for the summer of 2018 approach, girls all over camp are eager to spend their final moments reaching new heights- from getting their roll in kayaking to mastering their fencing technique.  Last night, all of Merri-Mac congregated to celebrate the arts in our annual Fine Arts Night. Campers of all ages and talents sang, twirled, and acted, which was welcomed with overwhelming bursts of applause and smiles.  

Despite a little bit of morning showers, the whole camp continued to bustle today with the bright rays of excitement and adventure.  In climbing class, camper Allie M. perfected her skills on the traverse wall, preparing her well for an eventual trip on the mountains the great outdoors.  In gymnastics class, instructors helped campers, such as Abigail S., expand their repertoire of skills, such as switch-leaps on the trampoline and jumping from bar to bar on the high bars without assistance!  While their big performance was yesterday, the Merri-Mac gymnastics girls never seem to lose the drive to learn and attempt new skills. In kayaking, girls enjoyed an energetic yet friendly game of kayak water polo; however, not all camp classes require such physical intensity.  In DIY crafts, campers got to sit down, relax, and learn a brand-new skill: calligraphy! Camper Mary Averett B. especially loves this class, as it is a fun break from the constant high energy of camp, and is the perfect time to simultaneously make new friends and spectacular art!  On a similar note, campers Merrill S., Emma H., and Carolyn N. had the chance to make some finishing touches on their pottery creations in pottery class, while Anna F. worked hard on her silver bar in archery, shooting arrows at a target over 40 yards away!  The possibilities of what can be done here are truly limitless.

After a free period of trading post, tether ball, swinging in Enos and even a volleyball tournament, third period classes were welcomed with some afternoon rain.  Even though the weather soiled camp craft’s plans to make s’mores, the girls still had a great time discussing fire safety and how to build a proper fire- just comes to show how quick counselors are on their feet.  Classes, such as cooking, still got to enjoy their plans, as they cooked up some mouth-watering sliders on the grill!

No great day like this is complete without some great meals to fuel campers up!  The campers kicked off the day with some classic eggs and sausage and ran in from second period to chow down on a camp favorite: Stromboli.  The day was wrapped up with a delicious pot roast meal.

While there are only a couple of days left of the first session of camp, the girls and staff here are far from ready to slow down.  Just like any other day, the girls here are constantly making memories and having experiences that will change their lives forever and redefine what the summer means to them.  


-Julia Schmitt, Big Dipper