The day began like many other mornings here at camp. Reveille, the bugle that wakes us up every morning, rang at seven in the morning to let us know that it was time to begin our chores. All the girls sprang out of bed ready to do their chores in hopes of winning the longed for cabin cake. When all beds were made, bathrooms cleaned, and clotheslines cleared the girls went to Tucker Inn to have a delicious breakfast. There the girls ate a Breakfast casserole and enjoyed the yogurt bar with fresh fruit laid out for them. With the SunnySide girls on a trip today, the Rainbow and Dreams Begin cabins led the morning songs.

After breakfast, everyone made their way up to chapel where Lacy F. gave a touching message responding to the question, who are we? She reminded us that we are all God’s people and that He will walk with us through any struggle we may face. Once chapel came to a close the girls excitedly went to their first two periods of activities. “My favorite activities are climbing and pottery” Frances T., a camper in Jiggity Jog, said.

It was soon time for lunch and the campers were right at the doors of the dining hall, excitedly waiting for… wait for it.. PIZZA DAY! A camper favorite, cheese and pepperoni pizza was being served for lunch with pretzel nuggets and cheese sauce. There was also an exceptional salad bar and health bar for everyone to enjoy. Lunch came to a close with tribe songs and a lot of cheering and spirit. Helen C. stated, “I really like how there are tribes and everyone has fun in their own tribe. Everyone always has a friend in their tribe and everyone is able to fit in. There are no outsiders at camp.” Becca M. announced that it was cabin night which made the dining hall erupt into each cabin cheering their cabin’s name. Cabin night is when each cabin plans a fun activity that they all get to do together. Instead of breaking into tribes, each cabin gets to celebrate their girls and spend valuable time together.  

Rest hour flew by and soon all the girls were sprinting down to Trading Post ready to get their snacks and hang out with their friends. Tether ball and gaga ball tournaments ensued and other girls relaxed on the back porch in the rocking chairs. After free time the girls went to their third and fourth period activities where some worked on bars, enjoyed climbing at the upper tower, and played with the golden doodle puppies.

All the activities brought on big appetites for the dinner they were getting ready to have- chicken and dumplings! The girls are looking forward to a fun night with their cabins. It was an extraordinary day at camp and a perfect day to remind us of how lucky we are to be Merri-Mac girls. Merri-Mac,  First, Last, and Always.

From this Haven,

Hannah Geelhart

Jiggity Jog Counselor

Proud Choctaw ‘18